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Not Gourmet at All

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My friends didn’t like this ice cream from the Costco food court that I said tasted wonderful.  I think it was because it was covered in almonds.  The first time I tried it, it didn’t have almonds.


No Flash Photography

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You know, for the most part, I’m open to new experiences, especially those with cultural significance.   Ever since I’ve been friends with Pooja, I’ve been exposed to a lot of, um, Indian customs and traditions.  (I’m not sure if there’s a more accurate term than “Indian.”)

Today, I was invited by Joe who was invited by Pooja to be photographers for this birthday party.  It was held at this spa place owned by Pooja’s mom called “Studio Sush.”  It wasn’t a kid’s party but a “grown-up” celebration, for lack of better terminology.

Practically all the guests were of Indian descent.  However, they weren’t the FOBs, as Pooja calls them, that you find in your nearest 7-Eleven.  They were excellent English speakers, comparable to a Kumar.

Unfortunately, the flash bulb of my camera is broken, so all my pictures came out bad.  Feeling useless, I opted to wait on the guests, offering hors d’œuvre.  It was all Indian cuisine, and I was tempted to eat them all.  So, when there were leftovers, I returned to the kitchen and stole a few bites.  Yea, I’m fat.

Throughout the party, many of the adults were drinking.  Later on, the DJ initiated the dance party.  Mostly Indian music, each of which seemed to have had a corresponding dance, all of which Pooja demonstrated.  It was pretty funny.  Joe did his “white boy dance,” which we all tried to copy.  Then, he danced with Pooja’s mom, who was apparently gyrating or something.  I missed it because I went somewhere for a bit.  When I came back, Pooja was like, “You missed it!”

Before we left the party, we ate some more Indian food.  Rice, lentils, chicken.  I love food.

The Reward of Playing Hooky

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A well-prepared breakfast, thanks to StumbleUpon.

OK, well this was actually my lunch, but I think it’s really meant for breakfast.

Anyway, now that school is nearing its end, my level of concern for my education is going down.  I know I’m going to graduate, so I don’t need to go to school as much.  Awesome philosophy, right?  I’m convinced though that when college begins in a few months, I’ll return to my studious self from freshman year.

So now when I feel like I don’t need to be in school, I’ll just stay home.  My parents don’t mind.

My only advice to anyone is to not show up to school the same day you’re absent, or else one of your nasty teachers will report you to the vice-principal, who will then interrogate you about why you weren’t in school today.

“I was sick today.”

He then takes note of how I don’t look sick, i.e. I’m not wearing a lot of clothes to cover up and I’m wearing mere flip-flops.

“I just dropped off my sister for a bit.”

“Go home. ”


OK, I wouldn’t say that last part, but wow, this is like strike two with the vice-principal.

A Break in the Monotony

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With the uniform dress code that was introduced to our high school this year came four casual attire days—one per marking period.  The one for the third marking period was dedicated to Bill Bakka, the one for whom one of our courtyards was also dedicated.  In order to fund the renovation of the courtyard, the science department sold “Bakka shirts,” which became the focus of our third dress-down day.

Every student who bought a Bakka shirt was allowed to wear it today.

Some teachers saw this casual day as an opportunity to have parties.  So, there was food everywhere.

One girl brought an Egyptian dish that consisted of pasta and rice!  Rice!  I was about to eat it when a friend alerted me before I took  my first bite.  Whew.

How Depressing

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Now that all my duties to the musical and Stage Tech are completed, I now have more time for my friends.  To start off, I decided to hang out with Marie and John today, who planned on going to Jersey City to buy food for some party tomorrow in school.  I tagged along, looking forward to get some food from the bakery from which they were going to buy.

I didn’t know that I’d go on a binge.  Every store we went to, I bought something to eat.  Not only did I buy them, I devoured them.

Something about gloomy days just make me want to eat.

We also went to Edgewater to just hang out in Mitsuwa.  The New York City skyline was concealed by a thick fog.  It was funny because upon seeing this, my friends and I made a joke about how not seeing New York City is probably a thing of wonder to people who live in that area, since they’re so used to seeing it all the time.

Maximum Torture

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“Can I have the home fries instead of the rice?”


“Yea.  Instead of rice, I’ll just have the fries.”


So goes my conversation with the lady at this small store that served Filipino breakfasts.  My friend has been hailing the food there and has been asking me to go try it out.  Filipino breakfasts typically contain rice, and since I gave up rice for Lent, I’ve been putting the trip off until I can start eating rice again.

Today marked the third delayed opening day in my high school for the upperclassmen—the perfect opportunity to grab a nice breakfast.  Homemade?  Too boring.  IHOP?  Too played out.  Diner?  Too diner.  Jollibee?  Too far, as we’ve witnessed before.

So, the only thing that was left was to go to that Filipino store, and I finally gave in, despite the need to prohibit myself from eating rice.  I figured that I’ll just eat something else that doesn’t include rice.   I mean, I had to try the corned beef there.  My friend said it was good.

That’s when I found myself asking for fries instead of rice, earning weirded looks from the employees, who seemed to be thinking, “What the heck is this kid doing here?  Asking for a Filipino breakfast with no rice, but fries?  Messed up.  Seriously messed up.”

Yea, a life with no rice is a life not worth living.


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My sister and I were coming home with my dad from my dentist’s appointment and her religious class.  As soon as we entered the house, my mom said, “I have bad news for the two of you.”

She proceeded to talk to my sister about her progress report in school, which told of my sister’s problems in school.  Needless to say, my parents were peeved.  Meanwhile, I forgot that my mom had bad news for me, so I went upstairs to my room.  A few minutes later, she called me down and imparted with me the bad news that she mentioned earlier.

Without having to provide the details of the news, I’ll just say that it had something to do with my future education.

Sullen I once again became, and I stayed in my room, forcing myself to sleep.

After my induced nap, I asked my mom to cook these noodles that she was planning to make for tomorrow.  I love this recipe, so I satisfied myself by eating a lot.  It was clearly unhealthy, but it tasted so good.