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Nov 2


A weird school schedule this week.  Off on Tuesday for Election Day and off on Thursday and Friday because there’s a Teacher Convention.

Thus, Monday night = PARTY IT UP.

Not exactly.  Just another scary movie night at a friend’s house.  We watched “The Uninvited.”

Thinking my system was already saturated with all that scary stuff from October, I wasn’t too freaked out in the beginning.  But I found myself jumping and covering my face once again from the middle until the end.  Even screamed a few times.  Not a high-pitched girly scream.  Just a regular scream.


New Meaning of Creepy

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Oct 31


Jennifer shrieked.  She found the hunting knife that she knew she hid in the attic last summer soaked in mustard on the couch.

“What’s going on?” Ted yelled.  “This is a sick Halloween joke!”

“Trust me.  This is no joke,” Ellen, Jennifer’s sister, shakingly replied.

“Oh, thanks, Ellen,” Bill said.  “Thanks for letting us know that you really want to kill us.”

“I’m not doing this!”

Thunder roaring, lightning flashing, a dark figure suddenly appeared behind them, only visible to Jennifer.  Without anywhere else to go, she jumped onto the couch behind her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Someone’s behind you!” Jennifer pointed towards where the figure was.

The remaining three quickly looked back, jumping away from whatever Jennifer was pointing at.  The figure was gone.

“OK, whatever you two sisters are up to, just stop it,” Ted said, attempting to sound brave, masking the terror that had been brewing inside ever since they found a message written with mustard on the kitchen wall.  “You’re next!” it said.

“Who are we kidding, Ted?” Bill said, laughing half-heartedly.  “Let’s just get out of here!  There’s no point.”

“You’re crazy if you think we’re going to stay here,” Ellen exclaimed, running to the door.

Shoving Ellen to the side, Bill rushed through the door, towards his parked car.  Suddenly, a shriek was heard.  Jennifer, Ellen, and Ted ran outside to see what happened.

The three followed suit and began to scream.  The Mustard-Hat Killer had beat them to the car.

“Who’s next?” he said creepily.

Or the guy can just be a stalker.

A synopsis of my Halloween:

  1. Woke up before noon
  2. Was told by sisters that we would go to a free dance workshop in Bergenfield (The workshop was going to start in twenty minutes.)
  3. Got lost with Lawrence and my two sisters
  4. Got lost more
  5. Did not get to attend the workshop
  6. Walked around waiting for a friend from the dance group
  7. Gloomy day
  8. Rain
  9. Trick-or-treat in Bergenfield
  10. Felt old for trick-or-treating
  11. Rain
  12. Rain
  13. Got bored
  14. Went home

Considering all the Halloween stuff that I did for the past two weeks, today was definitely a lackluster culmination of the Halloween season.

I think I’m all pooped out from yesterday.


“He Looks Scary ;-; Make It Stop”

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Oct 30


So, yes, I dressed up as a mime today, without the hat or the gloves.  Or the miming ability.  I did have the creepy factor going on though.  Sucks though.  I didn’t take pictures of myself, so I can’t show it here.  Haha.

There was definitely a big turnout for costume-wearers this year.  I’m going to simplify the situation and attribute the impressive turnout to the students’ desire to get as far away from the uniforms as possible.

Oh yea, as a mime, I limited speech the entire school day.  People said I couldn’t mime, but when have I ever been a mime?  I unknowingly slipped a few words a few times.  They just came out; I don’t know how.

More Halloween Preparations

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Oct 29


This year, Halloween is a bit early in my school (and maybe other schools too).  With Halloween on a Saturday, students don’t get a chance to showcase their costumes in school, so, despite initial disapproval due to our uniforms, the Board of Education finally decided to allow us to wear costumes on Friday, October 30.

That’s tomorrow, by the way.

This dress up for Halloween thing was a whole process, forcing me to face a sequence of problems.  Here’s a summary:

  • First Problem: “Should I do it?”

After comments from my friends, such as “Come on, it’s your senior year” and “Come on, it’s the only day we get a break from uniforms,” I finally decided to dress up.

  • Second Problem: “What should I be?”

A mime, suggested by Tram

  • Third Problem: “What do I need?”

A striped shirt, suspenders, black pants, white face paint, black face paint, a bowler hat, white gloves, and some shoes

  • Fourth problem: “Do I have these?”

The only ones I had were the pants and the shoes.

  • Fifth problem: “Where do I get the rest?


By being such an outgoing senior this year, I’ve been spending so much money with things that I probably don’t need to have or do.  Therefore, I had limited money when it came to costumes. Not to mention how it’s not easy to find parts of a costume when you don’t want to buy an entire set in some specialty store.

In the end, I didn’t get white gloves or a bowler hat.  I just didn’t have enough time or money.  It really wasn’t until recently that I thought about dressing up.

Oh, and there actually is one more thing that I forgot to get.  And that’s miming ability.

(pictured above) Painting a long cigarette that was used by Audrey Hepburn, Tram’s character for Halloween.

It’s Autumn, Too

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Oct 28


With Halloween so near, I often forget that leaves fall during this time of the year too.

Some Good Make-up

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Oct 25


This is the first time I’ve really gotten into the Halloween spirit.  Horror movies have been more frequent in my life this October (two is unusual!), and, in general, my mind has really been focused on most things horror. (Except the Ouija board, but…that’s another story.)

Today, some of my friends decided to go to “State Scare Factory: Haunted Atraction,” a frightening attraction that decided to visit my town this year.  We’ve been thinking about going since last week, and it finally happened tonight.

There were eight of us in total, six guys and two girls.  The girls were so terrified.  One of them went as far as having a fit.  One of the employees (pictured) decided to scare her, causing her to run out of the line and almost burst into tears.  It took a short while for me to finally calm her down.  I felt a mixed feeling of sympathy and exasperation.  And amusement.

She was so close to backing out of the plan, despite already paying $15 for it, but she finally gave in to our pleas after making me promise to never let go of her during the entire excursion.

Naturally, the entire factory was dark, with tall wooden walls that created the path for us to follow.  For the most part, the “terror” that the attraction produced was due to the characters that popped out of nowhere.  They were all meant to be hostile, although it was promised that none of them would touch us.  They would just get really, really close.

Being in the back of the group, with one of the girls tugging on my long-sleeved sweater, I thing I had the right to be horrified and panicky.  Though all we saw were silhouettes, it was scary because, like I said, they were coming out of nowhere.  It’s a typical way to give people a shock, but it was enough to make the girls scream.

I must sound as if I was fearless, but I wasn’t.  I had to push a few times (maybe more) because at a couple of times, I was literally cornered, with three or four bodies pressed against me, with the dark face of one of the characters hovering above me.

Anyway, it would have been a very different experience if the girls weren’t there.  It was fun, but we rushed through it.

At some point in the beginning, I thought, “What would I do if this were real?” trying to see whether my thoughts and actions during the experience would be a good reflection of how I would really think and act if I were trapped in some haunted factory.  Truthfully, I wasn’t terrified.  (But, I wouldn’t have braved through that entire thing by myself)  I saw it more as an adrenaline rush.  All we had to do was escape from the factory, in which there was only one path, and run away from all the people.   I’m sure there’s more to surviving a truly haunted place than just running away, meaning you’re probably going to have to use your head in order to find the best way out.

That did not make sense.  Ah, whatever.