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Happiness in a Frame

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I don’t know why one look at this picture makes me happy, especially since I can’t even remember what happened during this time.  I just feel happy.

The yearbook staff is asking all the seniors to submit all their baby pictures,  a task I didn’t know I had to do until the day of the deadline.  So when I got home, I took out all the pictures taken when I was young and looked for my cute baby pictures.  It was really the first time I thoroughly looked at all the photographs since who knows when, so it was pretty awesome looking at myself when I was cute and clueless.

Wish Me Luck

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My hand is disgusting.

According to “Azumanga Daioh,” a Japanese animé, chopsticks are a great way to find out whether things will turn out well.  In one episode, they all had to take these very important exams, and what they did was they split a pair of chopsticks in half.  If the two split perfectly, then luck was on their side.

So, when we were about to eat some Japanese food at Mitsuwa, an Asian grocery store in Edgewater,  I took the time to pull apart the chopsticks, which is actually necessary if I want to eat, so it’s not like there was any extra effort involved.

Anyway, with that in mind, I held the chopsticks with both of my hands.  (Not pictured, obviously) “Let’s see how this year will turn out,” I said out loud.  Taking a deep breath, I pulled them apart and found myself with a pair of imperfect chopsticks.

“Oh, all right then.  That’s promising.”  I didn’t really think much of it, so I just proceeded to eat.

So, New Year’s Eve, huh?  It snowed in the morning, and the plans that I had with some friends from yesterday sort of vanished.  I figured I would just stay home and do some homework.

Then, after talking to Joe, I realized how ridiculous my plan was, only because it was New Year’s Eve. “Screw homework!”  With that, plans just began to form.  Edgewater, Hoboken, my house until a little after midnight, Greg’s house for a bit.

So, it’s the end of the year, huh?  Honestly, I didn’t think much of it.  I’m still here hoping that 2010 would be better, but I haven’t found the opportunity to reflect on 2009.  Probably because the last chapter of 2009 isn’t actually over yet.  Whatever’s been going on for the past few weeks still hasn’t found its conclusion, so I’ve been more focused on that specific event than the entire year.

But the end of a year isn’t really the only time to end anything.  Isn’t it just a human concept?  The feeling that the end of the year can mark the end of the unfavorable things that happened and the unpleasant feelings we felt during the year.  Don’t we have the ability to change our lives any time?  We shouldn’t have to wait for a new year to start anew.

But to keep with traditions, let’s try to reflect on 2009 and see what we can do for 2010.

Yea, I really got nothing.  I’m still a big mass of confusion.  Happier but confused.

Here’s for an even happier year with less confusion!

Polaris, Take Me Away

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I was walking home from a friend’s house tonight when I noticed how clear the sky was.  These days, the weather is quite gloomy, and the sky cloudy, so imagine how much I marveled at the sky when I saw so many stars looking at me.

Now I’m not going to try to be poetic or philosophical with this post, but I just want to express once again that I love seeing stars.  I love them so much that I was freaking out inside and outside when I noticed more than a dozen stars present.  My head was turning, and I probably had a wide smile on.

Then, suddenly, while my head was turning and my eyes were scouring the sky for stars, I saw a short green streak shoot across the sky.  ‘Twas a meteor.  It wasn’t a quick flash behind a blanket of clouds like last time.  It was green, and I could clearly see its path in that half a second that I saw it.

Ah!  I was so happy.  It was just so random. Did not expect a meteor at all.

Afterwards, I became so excited that I had my head held up high, waiting for another one to come, the entire walk home.  Alas, none did.

Just goes to show that…um.  You find things you don’t look for.  Something like that.

Happy You Are

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Name: Michael
D.o.B.: October 11, 1991
Current age: 18
Height: 5’9″
Weight: Too light
Pet peeve: When someone starts to say something, and then he or she says, “Never mind.”
Recent statement: “>< i did not study for anything.”

How was the birthday celebrated?

A day in New York City.

A rather simple way to celebrate a birthday.  Just go somewhere with a few people.  No extravagant parties needed.  (Some expenditure necessary)

In the end, I’m happy for you.