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Another Light Metaphor

Posted in Friends, Out of Town with tags , , on January 10, 2010 by Jeremy


I see no pleasant dawn coming but a bleak dusk.

It’s been a stressful season.  Just as the daylight hours are lengthening now, it feels like the time I spend in the cold darkness becomes longer and longer.   After every momentary relief comes a cause for confusion and chaos in my mind.

A big factor of it is time.  Time isn’t allowing me to do all I need to do as soon as possible.  Time is making me suffer because as much as I’m trying to change, I still have to wait for opportunities to show that to my friends. And as more time passes, the more serious the problems are going to become.

I don’t know what to do anymore.  I’m being pulled apart in so many directions.  I’m at the brink of insanity.

I can’t translate the heaviness of my heart right now, but it’s overwhelming.

I guess it’s worth noting that I had an interview with Princeton today.  My interviewer said that it really isn’t going to be considered for the application, so I don’t know.  Whatever.


Faulty Equation

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[See previous post.]


<!––I’m warning you right now.  The loser tag does not lie.––>

Today was a beautiful day.  Perhaps my method of depicting that is a little unusual, but here’s the story to it.

Now, if you haven’t figured it out yet, the walls of our bathroom are painted yellow, so it can become incredibly bright in there.  If you also haven’t figured it out yet, we also have a skylight.

beautiful sunny day + yellow walls + skylight = a refreshing shower

Yep.  Imagine you’re taking a shower in this bathroom.  You are currently rinsing yourself with water, which is hit by the light that is coming from the skylight.  Now, the water is sparkling.  In addition, wherever you look, there’s yellow.  Such a shower tells you, “You’re going to have a nice day.”


a refreshing shower + yellow walls + skylight = nice day


yellow walls + skylight = nice day – a refreshing shower

From the first equation, let’s substitute:

beautiful sunny day + nice day – a refreshing shower = a refreshing shower

beautiful sunny day + nice day = 2 refreshing showers

Um.  Therefore, if you have two refreshing showers, not only will it be a beautiful sunny day, you will also have a nice day.


Well, did I have a nice day?  I played tennis and got frustrated by my total lack of skill.  Probably because I only took one shower.

I think I took only one shower.

It’s Just Light

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[The pictures that were supposed to be posted for 070709 and 070809 were taken with the Canon camera that I used for a couple of shots last week.  However, I did not have the time to upload them to my computer earlier this week, and my mom took it to work and removed the pictures from the camera.  She said she saved the photographs into two USB drives, one of which she brought home.  Unfortunately, the one at home did not contain the photographs I need.  To make matters worse, she mentioned that she may have deleted some of the pictures from the camera.  Knowing my mother, she might have thought the pictures I took were dumb shots and have deleted them.  Now, I have to wait until Monday to find them. That’s when my mother can retrieve the other USB drive from the office.  One can not imagine the anxiety I’m feeling right now, not to mention the frustrations, not towards my mother, but to myself for not taking the time to upload the pictures before the camera was taken away.  In the mean time, I might as well continue the blog without photographs, although I feel very very discouraged right now.]

I don’t know what happened today.  I think it rained.

Yes, it did rain, but only for about half an hour.   Afterwards, the sun came out!   When I got home from another session of tennis, I was sort of entranced by the light that was going through the window on our front door.

“Come to the light.”  Perhaps it’s a message from the elves.  Not Santa elves.  Artemis Fowl elves.