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Go Fry

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Stupid loser’s going to Florida for a week for spring break.

Quick trip to the mall to get him some clothes for his trip.  I got in trouble with parents for taking the car out at night.  Headlights weren’t working correctly.


To Stand Idly

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Mama’s birthday!  Rain all day.  To celebrate, my family decided to go to the mall.

I’ve grown to dislike the mall, and I think I described why before.  I’m not fond of shopping in general.  If I’m with my famiily: parents with each other, sisters with each other, me by myself.

Although that happened again this time, I was still in a good mood.  I can’t explain why, but I was. In fact, I was such in a good mood that I enjoyed leaning against the railing for over twenty minutes, waiting for my parents to come.

Then, I became a selfish brat and had my dad buy me two pairs of shoes.  It was his offer.  Normally, I would decline such a generous offer, even from my parents.  Tonight, I put on a smile and let my dad buy them.

Now I’m happy.

I Hate Shopping

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Black Friday!  Despite my interest in waking up mega early to experience waiting and rushing with other shoppers into the store, I pretty much gave up on the idea.

Instead, after a short stop at the doctor’s for a follow-up on a test that was given to me on Tuesday, we went to the mall around noon.

That was a huge hassle.  I’m really not a shopper.  I “shop” for the sake of getting new stuff, not for the sake of shopping.  So, browsing around is not really my thing.

The other thing was that going to the mall by yourself is really boring, which is essentially what happens when I’m with my family.  My parents go around by themselves while my two sisters pair up and do whatever sisters do.  Therefore, I’m left by myself to wander around and see all these little groups of friends enjoying themselves.

I really only came with my family because I didn’t have money.  If I had my own income, I would’ve surely went with a friend.

More Halloween Preparations

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Oct 29


This year, Halloween is a bit early in my school (and maybe other schools too).  With Halloween on a Saturday, students don’t get a chance to showcase their costumes in school, so, despite initial disapproval due to our uniforms, the Board of Education finally decided to allow us to wear costumes on Friday, October 30.

That’s tomorrow, by the way.

This dress up for Halloween thing was a whole process, forcing me to face a sequence of problems.  Here’s a summary:

  • First Problem: “Should I do it?”

After comments from my friends, such as “Come on, it’s your senior year” and “Come on, it’s the only day we get a break from uniforms,” I finally decided to dress up.

  • Second Problem: “What should I be?”

A mime, suggested by Tram

  • Third Problem: “What do I need?”

A striped shirt, suspenders, black pants, white face paint, black face paint, a bowler hat, white gloves, and some shoes

  • Fourth problem: “Do I have these?”

The only ones I had were the pants and the shoes.

  • Fifth problem: “Where do I get the rest?


By being such an outgoing senior this year, I’ve been spending so much money with things that I probably don’t need to have or do.  Therefore, I had limited money when it came to costumes. Not to mention how it’s not easy to find parts of a costume when you don’t want to buy an entire set in some specialty store.

In the end, I didn’t get white gloves or a bowler hat.  I just didn’t have enough time or money.  It really wasn’t until recently that I thought about dressing up.

Oh, and there actually is one more thing that I forgot to get.  And that’s miming ability.

(pictured above) Painting a long cigarette that was used by Audrey Hepburn, Tram’s character for Halloween.

High Productivity Level

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Should I recount all the events of the day?  Why not?

First, the dream.  It was ten minutes before a formal ceremony I was supposed to attend.  I was standing outside when I realized I forgot to bring something I needed.  When I saw my friend who drives, I eagerly asked him to take me home really quick.  Weird thing was, I ran to my own car and drove behind him.  Then, here comes the fun part.  We were on the highway and I was dying repeatedly.  Crash.  “I’m OK!  Keep going!”  Crash.  “That’s fine.  I’m still alive.”  Crash.  That happened until I finally did die, and I saw my neck broken with a huge gash, blood oozing out.   The next scene suddenly appeared with my friend and I at my house, eating.

Second, volunteered at the library.  Getting pretty boring.  I need to take a picture of this soon.

Third, summer work.  I need to get more done by the end of the week.

Fourth, Jersey City.  I wasn’t really up to going to Jersey City, but I didn’t want to be a downer anymore and keep on declining invitations, so I went, scouring my room for some cash.  We got some bubble tea and went to a nearby mall.  Lawrence, who was in my dream, was with us (me, Bryan, and Marison), and we poked him into doing the escalator trick, in which a person lies down on the rubber parts of two adjacent escalators going on opposite directions.  If done correctly, the person would then rotate on the escalators as they move.  If done incorrectly, you may fall off, like Lawrence did.  Don’t worry.  He fell on the floor, not down the escalators.

Fifth, we went to the tennis courts in my town to play imaginary tennis because we couldn’t find balls.

Sixth, Anthony, Janelle, and Dana passed by the tennis courts, and after getting their attention, all of us began to just talk about the summer, the upcoming year, and college.  We rarely get to see them, so it was definitely nice to catch up with them.  We then went to Anthony’s house to continue talking about school, not about the subjects but more about the funny events that happened in high school.  We’re all becoming seniors now, so it’s something to be expected.

Who the heck throws a stroller into a trash can?

Fresh Fashion

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I went to the mall to buy some clothes, also trying to apply some of the “stuff” that I learned about cameras.  I increased the ISO of this shot, just to see the difference between a picture with low ISO and one with high.  Later on, I realized that I really can’t do much with my current camera.  You can either adjust the brightness, take out the flash, and other simple things.  None of that shutter speed and aperture value that I read about.

Still learning…

No Beep Beep

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I believe that I’m learning pretty quickly when it comes to driving on the highway.  My biggest obstacle right now is entering the highway, a goal that should be achieved in the next few weeks.  Oh, and I do have to relax a bit more.  I tend to tense sometimes, and when I catch myself at such a state, I tell myself to loosen up.  And I do.  It’s not like my anxieties are causing accidents, so it’s fine.

Hehe, and no one can imagine the joy I feel when I hear someone use the horn but not at me.