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Less Than Amateur

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After several years of neglecting the guitar that my dad excitedly bought for the family, I decided to start learning it after my friend Lawrence made me realize how simple it is.  A simple concept, but challenging execution.

Before the guitar, the only musical instrument around which my life revolved was the piano.  (My voice too, but that one kinda fails once in a while.)  I was inspired by my friend Michi in seventh grade when she played piano in my Electronic Music class, and I was really impressed.  Afterwards, my parents randomly brought home a keyboard from a garage sale, and I took the time to learn it by myself.

Probably taking note of this, my dad bought a guitar and probably hoped that I would learn it as well.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  I tried, and I tried several times, but I always got discouraged.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I was definitely discouraged.  Oh wait, it was probably because of my short and quite stubby fingers.

Anyway, now I’m trying to master “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift.  I told Michael that I really enjoy playing and singing that song, so it’s my comfort zone.  I’m not sure if I’ll be willing to tackle another song yet.

Smother You with Christmas

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That’s right!  More Christmas-related photographs!

Following the ceremony yesterday at Rockefeller Center, my town organized the annual tree-lighting ceremony for tonight.  I’ve gone the past two years, and I think it sort of helps to get me in the Christmas spirit.  Something like that.

But, honestly, I don’t even know why I go anymore.  I know for the past two years, I helped out with the equipment that some officials used for the ceremony.  Microphones, speakers, you know.

This year, however, I was not given that task, but I still went.  I remember last year that I just “hung out” with the a cappella group.  The members are nice and all, but they’re so close to each other that I felt like I was just there.  So, for the most part, I felt alone. In addition, naturally, they sing pretty well.  Despite my interest in music, I’m not a very experienced singer.  They can read music, sing the music, and sound wonderful.  I, on the hand, yea, not so much.  They would practice around me before their little performance, and I’d just be standing there, listening to them.

This year, the experience was pretty similar. I guess I really only went so I can meet up and hang out with another friend afterwards.

Oh, and yea, I’m not really sure if this got me in the spirit of Christmas.

“I Keep Letting You Back In”

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The title really has no significance, except that is sung by the great Lauryn Hill in “Ex-Factor.”  That’s one of the highlights of my insignificant day—listening to a few of her songs.  And singing along from time to time.  I’ve been listening to her since last year, but I started to appreciate her again today. I need to get The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill soon.  There has to be some more hot tracks in there.

Earlier today, I also got a pair of Reese’s earphones from Michael.  When it comes to earphones maintenance, I fail.  I really haven’t had nice working ones after I broke my first ones several months ago.  I broke many of the subsequent ones that I found after scouring the house.  They weren’t good earphones anyway, so I blamed their deaths on their own terrible qualities.  Now that I have brand new ones (as far as I know at least), I promise to take good care of them.

And, honestly, I was trying to hold myself back from speaking a little ghetto in the first paragraph.  Hip hop culture is pretty infectious.

P.S.  Did I ever mention that my bed was fixed?  It was actually two Saturdays ago.  Yes, just keeping you guys updated.  Haha.

Always Behind-the-Scenes

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A few friends invited me to hang out with them today.  We haven’t seen each other in a while, so I decided to walk to the meeting place, despite the terribly humid weather.  I hate the summer.

When we got to Abby’s house, I wasn’t really sure what we were going to do at first.  They suggested watching a movie, but I was never really the one to watch movies.  (Unless I was invited to the movies.  I wouldn’t mind that.)  In addition, they were all musicians.  They decided to feed their artistic sides by having a jam session.  Ana on guitar, Joe on the piano, Christine on percussion, and Abby on vocals, singing “I’m Yours,” by Jason Mraz, with some original rap for the verses.  Jamie and I were in the background, shooting the entire session with two cameras.

Other than that, we sort of just fooled around the rest of the night.  It was pretty fun, since there were also Christine and Abby’s nephews who were “balls of energy” or something, according to Joe.  They couldn’t stop running around and fooling around.  Let’s not forget how nice the jam session turned out to be.  Audience knows best.


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What I like to do sometimes is to go to my Music folder, right-click the “Miscellaneous” folder, and click “Queue-It-Up.”  I would put Window Media Player on shuffle, and I would just listen to whatever song comes up, resisting the urge to click next when I didn’t know what the song was.  Yes, I did fail at resisting at times.

The “Miscellaneous” folder is where all the stray songs go.  Songs that my friends recommended, songs that were picked out of an album, the Christmas songs, and songs with lyrics I don’t understand.   Complete albums go in their own folders, but all the orphaned songs go in this huge folder.

So, that’s what happened today.  As soon as I got home from church, I put all the songs on shuffle and listened to it as I did my Biology AP summer assignment, talked to people online, marveled at the weird weather (tornado?), wrote letters, and rolled around my bed.

P.S. Has anyone ever watched the swirling (or pulsing, spinning, sparkling, flashing, showering, zooming, flailing) thing on Windows Media Player for a while (a few minutes) like the one in the picture?  Has anyone noticed that it beats to the song.  Now, I’ve observed this for a while now, and whenever there’s a distinct beat in the song, e.g. the drums, you can see a part of the animation beating at the same time.  For example, if you have spines that spin around the screen, they would probably disappear between beats, and would pop up when the audible beat plays again. It’s hard to explain.  Also, if you have the time to observe it for a while, you can actually see it dancing to the rhythm, the beat, the vocals, and the overall feel of the song.  You should try it!

Or maybe, I’m just crazy.

(They Long To Be) Close to You

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After a busy school year, it was such a relief to sit down in front of the piano and revisit some of the old tunes I used to play just a year ago.  It’s truly relaxing—your fingers dancing over the keys as you listen to the song you’re playing, knowing that it’s you who’s producing the melody.  Hopefully, this summer will bring a few more songs into completion.

Why do birds suddenly appear

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