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Lame, Shame, Fame

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Indeed, it would have been nice if I had gotten a picture that doesn’t resemble that of this past Thursday, but what could I do?  Fame dominated my day.  With two shows, one at 1:00 pm and one at 7:oo pm, and people from Stage Tech required to be there about two hours before they begin, there was no time for anything else.

This concludes the high school theater career for the seniors in the musical.  It was emotional for some.  It kinda sucks that I wasn’t able to partake in the experience as a senior, opting to stay behind-the-scenes this year, but what’s done is done.

I heard mixed responses about the show.  Some revered it; some chose to rename the musical, Shame or Lame. Of course, everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion, but I just didn’t appreciate the degree that some people denigrated it.  One can express his or her disapproval politely, but some just outwardly bashed it, using a tone that sounded so disgusted that one would think they were talking about some massacre.  “It was terrible!”

My face is terrible.

Ah, that doesn’t work.

Quiero Brillar

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I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but I quit the musical a couple of months ago even after all that fuss I made in a few posts back in November or December.  I was aware of the demanding schedule of the play, and I decided not to dive into that exhausting life. Instead, I offered my assistance with the Stage Technology!  It wasn’t as demanding of my time as the musical itself, but like I mentioned before, there has been some Stage Tech vs. Tennis conflicts.

Anyway, tonight was the opening night of our musical, Fame, and I watched it from afar, in this small elevated room in the back of the auditorium, where all the equipments are.  I was in charge of the lights for the show, which was what I wanted to do for the longest time.  </nerd>

As much as I miss singing and, to a certain extent, acting, I don’t regret stepping off the stage into the background.  It’s not like I would have gotten recognitions and accolades for my performance.  Being in ensemble for three years kind of put me down.   During curtain call, I was usually near the end, fighting with other students with small characters for a spot as near to the leads as possible, dreaming that one day I would be in the middle among them.

Alas, that was not going to happen this year.

“I’m Gonna Live Forever!”

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Audition day!  Didn’t care too much about it, so I really didn’t freak out the entire day, like the years back.  I truly wasn’t worried about how I’d do in the auditions as much as I worried about whether I should even do the play or not.  (See previous post.)  But, I realized, I can make that decision later.  For now, I should still keep both options available.

So, yes, the auditions.  I entered that auditorium, ready. Ready to sing the song that I barely practiced.  Ready to learn that choreography I’ve never seen before.  Ready to give my best to something I didn’t care too much about anymore.

But, suddenly, I experienced a change of heart.  As I was on stage, fumbling on the choreography that was being taught, I remembered all the fun that I had for the past three years that was intertwined with the misery and the exhaustion.  Yes, the fun.  I remembered why I even joined the play in the first place back in eighth grade.  The thrill of performing and learning these dances and these songs was pretty freaking fantastic.  (And I was also after some extra credit from my eighth grade Reading teacher who was the director, but that’s another story.)

So I instantly became excited, telling myself, “Why do I need to give up the play for tennis?  I should just do both.   I’ll find out the solution to my problem later.”

Anyway, with that new mentality, I went up on stage and sang, truly hoping that I would get a good role.  Because it was an open audition, meaning the others were sitting in the audience, I was pretty nervous.  For the most part, I had my eyes on the music sheet with the lyrics, glancing at the  judges for half a second from time to time.  Afterwards, my friends said I did really well.  I just wish I had the courage and the confidence to just perform.  Not just sing.  Perform.

Then, there was the dancing.  Yea, I totally messed up.  Barely knew the choreography.   But I think I rocked the freestyle section.  *crump crump*

Then, after everything was done, I was one of the people who were called to read.  So, here’s the thing.  I decided I wanted to be a character named Schlomo, the only baritone in the play.  (Every other male part was a tenor).  So I thought, “I want to get Schlomo!”  In addition, he has a love interest with this girl named Carmen, and I thought this girl who was going to go for Carmen was really cute and fun.  I thought it’d be really fun to do the play with her if she got her part.

In the end, I really am pretty excited for the play.  Let’s go!

P.S.  It’s birthday season!  Best month ever.

School in Your Pants

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I initially had no recollection of what happened in this seemingly insignificant day.  So I looked into my planner and tried to remember.

Well, it seems like I worked on an application that was due December 1.  English homework.  Um, there was a Senior class meeting.

Oh, wait.  Just found the most important thing I wrote in my planner. So important I didn’t even do it.

Consider going to dance workshop for Fame 6:00 pm

It’s theater season!  The musical’s here!  We’re doing “Fame”! Auditions tomorrow!  So happy!


I’ve been doing the play for three years now, beginning my freshman year.  When I got small roles, I’ve always dreamed about getting one of the lead roles my senior year.  I used to say to myself, “I’d get so much better by the time I’m a senior.  I’d have to be ready to take on that lead role!  I’ll be such a good singer and be a good actor and a good dancer!”

Well, that’s not how it seems right now.  I’m so unenthusiastic about it.   It feels like it’s just one big hassle.  (I’ve been using that word a lot lately.  “Hassle.”)  Being a part of the ensemble, I had had to give so much effort for having a small role.  The ensemble is practically in every scene, meaning we’re required to attend 90% of the rehearsals, which can extend up to late evenings.  Very, very time-consuming.

This actually created a problem last year when the tennis season started.  Since both seasons overlapped for a month, I faced a huge dilemma.   The beginning of tennis and the end of theater just happened to be the most important part for each season.  For tennis, there were ladder matches, a series of matches one had to play against people from the team to determine who would be playing in the varsity team.  For theater, it’s near the date of the show, so it’s crunch time.  When it came to make my decision about what to do, my director forced me to stay during rehearsals and miss not only the ladder matches but also the practices themselves.  Missing the practices led to a sucky start and entirely sucky ladder matches.  Needless to say, I was helpless.

And right now, if I had to choose, I’d pick tennis. I’d have a better chance of doing well (people who are going to audition for the play are talented!), and it’ll be more useful in the long run.  I can play tennis to exercise, but I can’t just burst into song and dance while walking on the street.  You know what I mean?

So, with this in mind, I didn’t go to the dance workshop for the musical that was scheduled for tonight.  I was so unmotivated, not caring about whether I’ll do well in the auditions or not. Because if I really wanted to do tennis over theater, why does it matter if I do well? If anything, I’d want to be rejected a role.

Still, there was that other half that kept saying, “You’ve been doing this for three years. You can’t quit now…”  And there were friends who kept telling me to audition…

We’ll see what happens.