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How to Host…

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Nov 13


…as told by Jeremy.

  • Look cool (consult most fashionable friend—Tram)
  • Get hyper
  • Get everyone else hyper
  • Make fun of co-hosts
  • Bring some funny props
  • Wear a tutu
  • Be funny
  • Introduce acts
  • Don’t be nervous

The talent show was probably the worst ever in the four years I’ve been in high school.  There were some decent performances, but in general, it was just garbage compared to some of the epic ones from a couple of years ago.  In addition, there were few acts.  And only a measly quarter of the auditorium was filled with people, compared to full houses from a few years ago.  It’s pretty sad.  It had to be my senior year.

At least, I had fun hosting.  I’ve wanted to do it ever since sophomore year, and I was really excited when I requested to be a host two weeks ago.  I got the job and shared it with two others.  Yea, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it by myself.  In the end, I think I had some decent material.  People laughed.  That’s what I was after.

Naturally, I was nervous though.  Like I always am.  I’m more extroverted than introverted, but I just have a tendency to feel shaky while speaking in front of huge crowds.  (If you can even call that audience a crowd)  I can usually talk to small groups whenever I want, but when it comes to really big groups, it’s a bit harder.

It’s probably because I care too much about what people think.  With big crowds, there are more people that can possibly think negatively about you.  You know what I mean?

Anyway, either way, I had fun.  I would want to do it again and see how I would act in a bigger crowd.  There should be another talent show in the spring, and hopefully, I can get that show too.