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No Flash Photography

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You know, for the most part, I’m open to new experiences, especially those with cultural significance.   Ever since I’ve been friends with Pooja, I’ve been exposed to a lot of, um, Indian customs and traditions.  (I’m not sure if there’s a more accurate term than “Indian.”)

Today, I was invited by Joe who was invited by Pooja to be photographers for this birthday party.  It was held at this spa place owned by Pooja’s mom called “Studio Sush.”  It wasn’t a kid’s party but a “grown-up” celebration, for lack of better terminology.

Practically all the guests were of Indian descent.  However, they weren’t the FOBs, as Pooja calls them, that you find in your nearest 7-Eleven.  They were excellent English speakers, comparable to a Kumar.

Unfortunately, the flash bulb of my camera is broken, so all my pictures came out bad.  Feeling useless, I opted to wait on the guests, offering hors d’œuvre.  It was all Indian cuisine, and I was tempted to eat them all.  So, when there were leftovers, I returned to the kitchen and stole a few bites.  Yea, I’m fat.

Throughout the party, many of the adults were drinking.  Later on, the DJ initiated the dance party.  Mostly Indian music, each of which seemed to have had a corresponding dance, all of which Pooja demonstrated.  It was pretty funny.  Joe did his “white boy dance,” which we all tried to copy.  Then, he danced with Pooja’s mom, who was apparently gyrating or something.  I missed it because I went somewhere for a bit.  When I came back, Pooja was like, “You missed it!”

Before we left the party, we ate some more Indian food.  Rice, lentils, chicken.  I love food.

A Break in the Monotony

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With the uniform dress code that was introduced to our high school this year came four casual attire days—one per marking period.  The one for the third marking period was dedicated to Bill Bakka, the one for whom one of our courtyards was also dedicated.  In order to fund the renovation of the courtyard, the science department sold “Bakka shirts,” which became the focus of our third dress-down day.

Every student who bought a Bakka shirt was allowed to wear it today.

Some teachers saw this casual day as an opportunity to have parties.  So, there was food everywhere.

One girl brought an Egyptian dish that consisted of pasta and rice!  Rice!  I was about to eat it when a friend alerted me before I took  my first bite.  Whew.

Valentine’s Descent to Oblivion

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For a day virtually void of anything romantic, the picture for today is way too appropriate for Valentine’s Day.  You see, I would’ve attempted to add some romantic spice into my life for Valentine’s sake had it not been the day of my Confirmation.

To celebrate, my parents decided to have a party, to which many friends were invited.  As one-fifth of the total party host count, I was obliged to stay, especially since I was one of the reasons there was a party in the first place.    (HINT: Confirmation candidate)

As a clueless host, I really had no idea what to do when the guests arrived.  My house is pretty boring, and I usually entertain myself with the computer, but I obviously couldn’t invite about twenty people into my room to use the computer.  And I’m not exactly sure if they’d all be interested in occupying themselves with web comics, like XKCD, or sites filled miscellaneous information, like Futility Closet.

So, in order to avoid the problem of seeing bored guests, I resorted to avoiding the guests entirely, i.e. I went upstairs to my room.  Haha!  What a fail host, but I’m just kidding.  I did do that for a few minutes, but I went back down!

In the end, people found stuff to do, while I flitted from one group to another, trying to entertain them as much as possible.  By the end of the night, 90% of the guests were gathered in the living room, watching the All-Stars basketball game.  I don’t usually watch basketball, but I found myself jumping up and down in excitement.

So, Valentine’s Day.  For the past few years, I’ve taken pride in being single.

“Who needs a girlfriend?  I’m having fun being single.  No commitments.  Singles Awareness Day!”

But, today, it’s quite different.  Valentine’s Day barely crossed my mind.   It wasn’t “A Day for Romance” Day nor was it Singles Awareness Day.  It was just a day.

I mean, I guess I can attribute that to the Confirmation party, but maybe there’s more to it than that.  Maybe I’m a hopeless loner.

Five Birthdays in One Year

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Yes, Kristine, there are eighteen candles there.

Well, I actually don’t know.

For the longest time, I didn’t know the date of Kristine’s birthday.  (Actually, I’m still not pretty sure.)  I would keep guessing the date within the first two weeks or so of February, hoping that I would get it right, and for some reason, I always leaned towards February 15.

But no, her birthday is actually February 2.  Or February 3.  Or 5.

That’s It for January

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No more January birthdays after Marie’s!

A surprise birthday party at Lawrence’s house led to a very eventful day.  It was a very fat day too.  And a bit lewd.  I think it’s a night that all of us will remember for a while.

The Birthday of This Trinidad

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Lawrence is eighteen now.   Now, he, along with me and John, can do all those things we sort of planned to do during the tennis season last year.  There aren’t that many in the list.  There might, in fact, be only one.  The three of us would know what I’m talking about.

Confident Connection

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Oct 18


You’ll see.

Party at the house!  More like a gathering.  I…don’t really party.  *boring*

Just a family party.  My dad’s been doing a lot of home improvement, and my parents thought it was the perfect time to show the extended family our house after several years.  Yes, years.

I had English work to do, so I couldn’t really mingle with them the entire time.  I felt bad, but the times that I was with them, I felt this new connection with my aunt.  As opposed to before when I would just be another body to feed at a party, I was actually talking to some people.  Making jokes and stuff.  You know, not just, yes or no responses to questions like “So, do you have a girlfriend now?  Are you doing good in school?”

Well…that’s the case with the adults.  I’m not really sure about my cousins (who didn’t go because they live far).  For the most part, we’ve always been very distant from each other.  They’re my next goal, I guess.

It’s Just a Party

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It’s a party held by the town once a year in September.  I couldn’t miss it even if I had a huge biology test the following day.

Fails at Boxing

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Went to a family party today.  Although it is always filled with gossiping adults and rambunctious children under the age of 13, I always look forward to going to them.  Any gathering where I can see family is worth my time because I seldom do get to see them.

Here’s my cousin playing Wii Sports, training on boxing after losing to my other cousin who annihilated her.  I decided to fiddle with the shutter speed with this one.  This picture had an exposure of one second.  I just have one question.  How do you keep the lighting at a certain level when you increase the exposure time?  For example, when I set the exposure time to about 5 seconds, the picture becomes overexposed, which is understandable since you are letting more light in.  Still, I’ve seen a picture online under different exposure times (to illustrate the concept of shutter speed), and the lighting seemed consistent.

And yes, I do fail at Wii boxing.

I Wanna Feel the Heat with Somebody

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“Dance like nobody’s watching.”  I must have heard that saying a hundred times.  If you do let go of your anxieties and let the rhythm and the music flow through you, dancing is very fun and expressive, regardless of your skill.  Don’t forget that it burns calories.

Still, even if you enjoy flailing your arms and legs in a non-rhythmic manner, don’t stop yourself from actually learning how to dance properly.  It doesn’t hurt to make people ooh and aah.

And who can forget line dancing?  Christine’s graduation party (which was fun) had several songs with line dancing.  I learn, and then I forget.

Ah, Christine.  Have fun in college!  We’ll miss you.