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Looking Good?

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[Although there’s a placeholder above, I pretty much have a picture selected for every day, so I will write as if I was talking about the picture.]

Yea, I went there.  I went there.

I just decided to give this kind of shot a try.  I had my dad buy me the glasses two weeks ago, and I just got them today.  What better way to show them off than with a mirror?  I tried to make the shot unique by hiding the camera.

Anyway, I doubt you’ll see more pictures of me like this any time soon.

Also, the weather today was crazy.  Strong winds and rain.  ‘Twas a storm, yet my friends and I decided to brave the weather and go to the mall.  I had to.  I needed to get Jirachi for my Pokémon Pearl, and GameStop was giving it out for free.  Sweet.

Afterwards, I went to Lawrence’s house to watch the Pacquiao fight.  Very boring match.

I’m not gonna lie.  I like this picture.

Pluvial Sentience

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Nature has a way of reflecting one’s mood.  It’s quite uncanny.  Today had to be the day that nature decided that it would rain, not snow.  Rain.

What a dreary day for a self-proclaimed day-off.

If I May Be So Bold

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Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  Winter fail.

Typical of many school cafeterias, ours served mediocre lunches.  Once in a while, I would actually buy lunch from our school, and, once in a while, when I would actually buy lunch, I would get a sandwich.

The bread the school uses isn’t actually gourmet.  Well, none of the food is, but I brought up an idea to the lunch ladies that would make my lunch a little better.   As you’ve probably already seen, I used a croissant for my sandwich, as opposed to…regular bread.  I asked them last week if I could bring in my own bread and if they would serve me using my croissant.  They agreed, and I got a cheaper lunch.

I just need it toasted next time.

What Do I Want?!

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Nov 14


Recently, Saturdays have put me in such a bad mood.

Freaking rain.

Perpetual Rain

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Instead of rejoicing the end of finals with an extravagant lunch at Wendy’s or McDonald’s, I let the weather get to me and went home. The gloomy weather is truly an expert on sucking out energy, although I am quite adept at it too.  Due to a few earnest pleads and several obnoxious honks, I stepped out of my house for about half an hour to ride around in a car with my friends.  It wasn’t an escape from idleness, however, for, wherever we went, the rain and clouds followed, gladly showering us, sneering, teasing, taunting.

Haha. I try too hard.