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High Productivity Level

Posted in Belleville, Friends, Out of Town, Summer Vacation, Work/Volunteer with tags , , , , , , , , , , on August 12, 2009 by Jeremy


Should I recount all the events of the day?  Why not?

First, the dream.  It was ten minutes before a formal ceremony I was supposed to attend.  I was standing outside when I realized I forgot to bring something I needed.  When I saw my friend who drives, I eagerly asked him to take me home really quick.  Weird thing was, I ran to my own car and drove behind him.  Then, here comes the fun part.  We were on the highway and I was dying repeatedly.  Crash.  “I’m OK!  Keep going!”  Crash.  “That’s fine.  I’m still alive.”  Crash.  That happened until I finally did die, and I saw my neck broken with a huge gash, blood oozing out.   The next scene suddenly appeared with my friend and I at my house, eating.

Second, volunteered at the library.  Getting pretty boring.  I need to take a picture of this soon.

Third, summer work.  I need to get more done by the end of the week.

Fourth, Jersey City.  I wasn’t really up to going to Jersey City, but I didn’t want to be a downer anymore and keep on declining invitations, so I went, scouring my room for some cash.  We got some bubble tea and went to a nearby mall.  Lawrence, who was in my dream, was with us (me, Bryan, and Marison), and we poked him into doing the escalator trick, in which a person lies down on the rubber parts of two adjacent escalators going on opposite directions.  If done correctly, the person would then rotate on the escalators as they move.  If done incorrectly, you may fall off, like Lawrence did.  Don’t worry.  He fell on the floor, not down the escalators.

Fifth, we went to the tennis courts in my town to play imaginary tennis because we couldn’t find balls.

Sixth, Anthony, Janelle, and Dana passed by the tennis courts, and after getting their attention, all of us began to just talk about the summer, the upcoming year, and college.  We rarely get to see them, so it was definitely nice to catch up with them.  We then went to Anthony’s house to continue talking about school, not about the subjects but more about the funny events that happened in high school.  We’re all becoming seniors now, so it’s something to be expected.

Who the heck throws a stroller into a trash can?