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15 Hours

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Nov 7


It has been one of the busiest days of my life.  I was out of the house for the majority of the day.

  1. Left the house for Montclair at around 7:30 am
  2. Took the SATs from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm
  3. Went to buy food from Chipotle’s;  I’ve been craving that for a while.
  4. Got home at around 1:50 pm
  5. Had to run to the public library to watch a small show by Bern and the Brights, a band from Montclair, at 2:00 pm
  6. Went home at around 3:30 pm
  7. Stayed home for a bit until I got picked up to conduct an experiment for the Sociology project at around 5:00; destination – mall
  8. Got lost; fell asleep in the car
  9. Walked around the mall for an hour, giving random high fives to everyone; that was the experiment
  10. Went to a friend’s house at 8:30 because I left my keys; family went to New York for an engagement party
  11. Walked around for a while with friend
  12. Got home at 11:30 pm

Though it was definitely a lot for one day, I think I enjoyed every single one of them. Even the SATs.  I felt that it was much easier than last time, but that scares me.  I’m expecting a terrific grade, but we all know where optimism can get you.

Man, I enjoyed the band in the library today.  I really did.  They were supposed to play back in August, but there were some complications, so their performance was postponed to today.  They’re definitely unique, from their eccentric yet amazing voices to the quite random yet truly complimentary violin.

I was just disappointed when they didn’t have a CD for this album that I wanted to get, “Wartime Lullaby.”  I can get it in iTunes, but I want the physical copy!

So, what did I do when I got home?  I watched “Ugly Betty.”

Remember…about “brain-drainers,” you know, people who create unnecessary drama?…I don’t want to seem harsh, but isn’t this what you were complaining about—all this stress coming at you, ruining your clarity?  I don’t think this stress is coming from you.

– Natalie, an assistant, advising her boss, Ugly Betty, 2009

Yes, I watch “Ugly Betty.”

S-A-T! Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Nov 6


I initially wanted to conduct the experiment for a project for Sociology, but my partner sort of backed out today, so I went to Plan B—study for the SATs.

It wasn’t some extensive study session.  It just consisted of last minute brush-ups, especially with the critical reading sections.  We discovered that the study guide that I’ve been using by the Princeton Review presented critical reading questions that were much more difficult than those of the CollegeBoard study guide.  I’ve been subjecting myself to much torture with my study guide!

So, when I tried out the questions from the CollegeBoard book that my friends had, it was a boost of confidence.  Still, we didn’t know how the real SATs would really be.  But I’m fine with the confidence boost.

This is perhaps going to be the last day I study for the SATs.  Ever.  (For the Reasoning Test at least)

What I Should Do

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Weekends are becoming terrible times for photography because I tend to stay home. (Well, it was raining today.)  There are only so many things I can take pictures of at home, and they all tend to be boring and ugly.

Anyway, I started college apps.  I pretty much finished all the personal information for the Common Application.  I looked at some of the essays, and the gravity of my situation just slapped me in the face.  Some of these essays were nasty.  Yes, nasty.  These next few weeks are going to be hell.

I then decided to start studying for the SAT Reasoning Test, which is in two weeks.  It’s my second time, and I really want to get an excellent grade.   Not an excellent grade by my school’s standards, but an excellent grade by…a better standard. A college’s standards.  Colleges that I want to apply to.  Yep.  There you go.

My focused study session was then interrupted by the sudden arrival of some guys.  Michael, Lawrence, and Sean, whom people frequently find together these days.  Well, plus me.   Four of us.  We hang out so much these days that it gets annoying.  Haha.  No offense to anyone.  I’ll never get any work done if people keep disturbing me.  Not that I get that much done without people visiting me… But, like I told Michael, there’s no chance of getting anything done if people are over! At least, when I’m alone, there’s a better chance, however small.

Anyway, we all watched Quarantine.  People are forcibly secluded inside an apartment building, in which outbreaks of some extreme form of rabies were rampant in the tenants.  A lot of running, biting, and mashing.

So, yep.  Quarantine.  I should do that so that I can finally get to doing some work.  Except, you know, I don’t want rabies-infected cannibals with me.

Laziness at Its Finest

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It was a beautiful day.  The winds may have been a little crazy, but the day was still beautiful.

I almost felt bad for opting to stay inside to study for my SATs on Saturday, but a friend, who initially told me to go home and focus on studying, came over and distracted me.  After he left, I fell asleep.  Well, it was more like, I went to sleep, thinking “I’ll wake up in an hour, and then I’ll really study.”

I did end up studying, but as the wasted hours pass by, I am getting closer and closer to beating myself up for being so irresponsible.

So Sick of College Already

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I’d hate to talk about school, but it dominates my life right now.

Attended a free workshop in our public library to “help” students with the Critical Reading part of the SATs.  It barely helped, honestly.  All the workshop did was open my eyes to how finding the perfect college for you takes tons of effort.

Of course, finding isn’t the same as being accepted.  That’s another ton of effort.

Sacrifice for the Future

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Wake early.  Eat cereal.  Eat yogurt.  Start making video.  Edit video.  Keep making video.  Eat rice.  Keep making video.  Get distracted.  Close video.  Study.  Study.  Get distracted.  Study.  Study.

SAT Subject Tests next Saturday.  I’d rather sacrifice a Saturday than to sacrifice next Friday.  (*whispers* It’s a half day.)