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Show-and-Tell 5 (Half-Façade)

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Welcome to the fifth Show-and-Tell episode of this year!


I figured we’d already be canceled by now.

Yet we’re not.

So what do we have here?

It’s just the front of my school

What’s so special about it?

The cherry blossoms, of course!

You think so?  What if I were Japanese, and I lived half my life in Japan, surrounded by cherry blossoms?  Do you think it would be special to me?

Last time I checked, this show is about me showing what’s special to me.

Ooh! You got me there.


What else can you say about this place?

Well, it’s nice.


It is!

That’s all you can say about it?

What else do you want me to say?

I don’t get you.  Sometimes, you’re talkative.  At times, you’re just blah.  Say something profound.

The front of our school creates a semblance of bliss and happiness.  It’s a true representation sometimes.

Eh, that’s good enough I guess.

See y’all next time.

Student Fail

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The motivation to do well in school just isn’t there anymore.

Hoping to regain it soon.

A Gracious Scholastic Exchange

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I always like visiting other schools and comparing them with my own school.  I would usually find myself thinking or uttering, “Oh!  We don’t have this in my school!” or “Wow! This is awesome!”

So, what brought me to the school presented above?  FBLA.  I had to complete a task for the State competitions, and it involved computers, so all the competitors had to convene in one school.  Piscataway graciously offered its school to be the testing site, so that town we went!

I went with Michael and my sister Jamie, who also had to complete something for a different competition.  They felt confident about their performance, and I’m really excited for them.

I, on the other hand, might have messed up a bit with mine.  No need to get detailed with my predicament.  The point is I was unfamiliar with what I had to do.  Again.  Either way, despite the errors, I still feel a bit of confidence.  I’m just hoping for the best


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I’ve never had to do so much homework in my life.*

Superbowl Sunday.  Haha.  It’s not something I’m into, but I’m beginning to understand the game.  Maybe, next year, I’ll have commentary on the game.

And just so you know, I’m done with giving you the satisfaction of knowing why.  It’s always the same thing, except it might not have been towards me this time.  But, I’m beginning to lose hope that you will change.  The choice is yours, but I’d rather lessen my contact with you if I know I just can’t deal with it.

*might be a hyperbole

Sell Yourself

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The sky threatened some heavy snow, and the dismal atmosphere was not the perfect backdrop for an interview.  Nevertheless, I scurried out of my room with a bunch of folders, arguing with my parents about what it meant to wear “casual business attire.”

The interview with Stevens, which was less scrutinizing than the interview with Princeton, went very well.  I never actually described the Princeton interview due to some unfortunate events that happened that day that rendered my mind virtually nonfunctional.   I couldn’t muster the desire to talk about it.  But, in short, although the interview was not required, I felt that I couldn’t answer some of the crucial questions with suitable answers, and I regretted not preparing very well.  I just told myself, “It’s all right.  That was trial run.  Now you have to kick some butt on your next interview.”

And that, I believe I did.  Not that what I believe matters.  It’s what the interviewer thought that matters. Anyway, I just thought that I answered all the questions with enough confidence.  The questions focused more or less on my involvement in school.

Afterwards, my parents and I exited the building with a junior who attends the college who gave us a tour of the place.  The weather was getting worse, making the acclaimed view of New York City invisible.  It was pretty disappointing, but the worst part was that the wind was beginning to blow so hard that it was becoming painful, especially for my naked hands.

In the end, I decided that Stevens would be a really nice safe school.

Like a Snowglobe

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I’m not even sure if what I have can be considered senioritis.  I’m starting to adopt this mentality of, “Who cares these days about school?” yet I’m still putting a lot of effort into it, i.e. I go out more often, but I still do all my work.  I’m not concentrating as much as I should, yet I’m still doing well.  I need a diagnosis.

Sometimes, all you have to do is stop, lie down, look up, and count the stars.

The Doctor, Not the Monster

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Everything seems to be stable now.  Everything is in order.  No heavy hearts.  Just heavy minds.  Heavy with school.

Midterms started Thursday.  Midterms end Wednesday.  No school tomorrow.  Sat back and relaxed today.


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…and then I realized I still don’t care as much as I used to about school.

You’re really something, kiddo.

I’m Not Deaf

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They really shouldn’t have the middle school winter concert right after the high school’s.

Easy Livin’

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If days-off from school had no consequences, I probably would have been out once every week.  But no.  I’m a responsible student who has to weigh the pros and the cons of missing a day of school before making a decision.

So, after much deliberation, I decided that today was the perfect day to miss my classes.  In school, there weren’t many important things going on.  At home, I had a major book to finish reading for English, and I had some college essays to start and complete.  Besides, I’ve been so stressed lately that I just needed this break.  So, I figured, “Skip it is!”

I definitely should do this more often.  I actually got to complete what I needed to do while taking in the morning sun.  It’s bliss.