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Looking Good?

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[Although there’s a placeholder above, I pretty much have a picture selected for every day, so I will write as if I was talking about the picture.]

Yea, I went there.  I went there.

I just decided to give this kind of shot a try.  I had my dad buy me the glasses two weeks ago, and I just got them today.  What better way to show them off than with a mirror?  I tried to make the shot unique by hiding the camera.

Anyway, I doubt you’ll see more pictures of me like this any time soon.

Also, the weather today was crazy.  Strong winds and rain.  ‘Twas a storm, yet my friends and I decided to brave the weather and go to the mall.  I had to.  I needed to get Jirachi for my Pokémon Pearl, and GameStop was giving it out for free.  Sweet.

Afterwards, I went to Lawrence’s house to watch the Pacquiao fight.  Very boring match.

I’m not gonna lie.  I like this picture.

Your Face Is Hot

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Some days, you look at yourself in the mirror and think, “You’re not bad-looking at all.  Probably even cute.”  You smile.  You snicker.  You leave, and you hope that next time you see yourself, you’ll feel the same way.

It’s awesome to have people like you for who you are, people who like you for your personality.  But sometimes, don’t you just want to look hot?

To Stand Idly

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Mama’s birthday!  Rain all day.  To celebrate, my family decided to go to the mall.

I’ve grown to dislike the mall, and I think I described why before.  I’m not fond of shopping in general.  If I’m with my famiily: parents with each other, sisters with each other, me by myself.

Although that happened again this time, I was still in a good mood.  I can’t explain why, but I was. In fact, I was such in a good mood that I enjoyed leaning against the railing for over twenty minutes, waiting for my parents to come.

Then, I became a selfish brat and had my dad buy me two pairs of shoes.  It was his offer.  Normally, I would decline such a generous offer, even from my parents.  Tonight, I put on a smile and let my dad buy them.

Now I’m happy.

Mah Haircut

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*whistles* I took a picture today.  It’s just not uploaded yet because I don’t have the cord to connect the camera to the computer.  You’ll see the picture one day.

Well, there’s my haircut.  It’s much shorter than before.  It’s about time you guys saw it.

Afterwards, a productive tennis session, I believe.  I’m still inclined to show the graduated tennis players that our team won’t be a total disaster.  Just half a disaster.  Well, who knows?

Pretty Random

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Some interesting things happened today, but I did not get an opportunity to take pictures, so I had to scour my brain for an idea for a photograph before the day was over.

With an hour to spare, I sat in front of the computer to brainstorm.  Here are some of the ideas that came into my head, all of which I did try:

  • What I would see if I were a stalker, depicting the view through my Venetian blind.
  • Several self-portraits, including a front picture, a profile, and various close-ups of my face.   These made me feel weird.
  • A view of the inside of my mouth.  I tried to catch my uvula, but I failed.  This didn’t feel as weird as the previous one.
  • A view of my incredibly messy room, which is due for a clean-up very soon.
  • A view through my bangs, trying to make people see how I see my world.  They’ve never been this long before.

The winner is:

  • The view of a vampire, before he/she bites me.  Or of a killer before he/she stabs me.

Among the Reeds

Posted in Friends, Out of Town with tags , , on May 30, 2009 by Jeremy
May 30


I got a haircut yesterday in Chinatown, but I thought the fact that we went to Chinatown was more significant.  Why didn’t I just combine them?  I don’t know.  Anyway,  I went to Liberty State Park today with a few friends and decided to show my haircut. Sort of.

I’m not sure if those are actually called reeds.