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I Love to Sleep

Posted in Belleville, Home with tags on May 18, 2010 by Jeremy


I’ve been sleeping relatively early lately.  I would be lying on my bed before midnight and actually sleeping shortly after.  It’s a good life.

Too bad that will probably end in a few months.


Posted in Belleville, Home with tags , , on May 11, 2010 by Jeremy


So much stress this past week. When I woke up, I had a sore throat.

All I wanted to do today was stay home and sleep.

And play some Pokémon.

Overcome with Lethargy

Posted in Belleville, Friends, Home with tags , on April 4, 2010 by Jeremy


I’ve been out of the house a lot lately.  When I get home, all I’d like to do is either sit in front of the computer or sleep.  Thus, not only do I not have the motivation to do schoolwork, but I also do not have the energy.

So, tonight, knowing that I was going to fall into a state of stupor, I took a safety shot before I flopped onto my bed to take a nap.  I woke up before the day was over, but there was still nothing for me to take a picture of.

And, Ms. Elisa Kam, I didn’t see you that much today, but I want to say Happy Birthday!  Your present is going to come…eventually.

The Heart of the Mystery

Posted in Belleville, Home with tags , , on March 30, 2010 by Jeremy


So, here’s the thing, not that anyone’s actually reading this.

The date is May 22, 2010.  The time is 12:02 AM.

Since the end of the project was nearing, I decided to see if the figures were right, i.e. if by the end of the project, I indeed would have 365 posts.  I found a discrepancy where I was basically missing one post.

So then I started panicking.

“What?!  Where is it?!  How is that possible?”

I chose to approach the situation by actually going through all my posts, checking that I didn’t miss any dates.  I started from May, figuring that, if I accidentally missed a post, it would most likely be in this month, since my head has been MIA lately when it came to the project.

Fortunately, I found the mistake in March.  And it is this mischievous post right here that caused the discrepancy.  I have no idea how it happened, but I just didn’t post one for this date.

Well, here it is.

Dumb But Worth It

Posted in Belleville, Friends, Home, School with tags , on January 6, 2010 by Jeremy


First school night of the year (Sunday night to Monday morning), and I pull an all-nighter.  Almost an all-nighter.  Talked to two friends the entire night.

At around 5:30 a.m., I fell asleep on my chair.  I woke up an hour later, feeling pretty good.

I was pretty subdued during the day, but I didn’t feel very sleepy.  One of these days, I’m going to pull a complete all-nighter on a school night.

Screw Engineering! Pursue Art!

Posted in Art, Belleville, College, Friends, Home, School, Stuff with tags , , , , on December 19, 2009 by Jeremy


OK! Funny story.  Almost tragic though.

So, last night, I slept really late because I had to finish some English homework while being distracted by a friend online.  I only got about two hours of sleep, so when I got home today, I was pretty tired.   I proceeded to flop onto the bed and take a nap at around 6:30 pm.  I woke up twenty minutes later because of some prickly feeling on my arm.  Still tired, I took my shoes off, turned the lights off, and went under the covers to actually sleep.

I woke up again.  It’s really dark, and I think, “Whoa!  It’s morning already?”  (Go figure.)  I got up, still in my school uniform.  Suddenly, I started freaking out.  I grabbed my bookbag, pulled out a camera from one of the pockets, and checked the last picture I took.  It was from December 17.

“Oh snap!  I forgot to take a picture for the day!  Oh god.  No way!  No freaking way!  I can’t believe this is happening.  After more than six months, this happens?  No way.  You’re so dumb, Jeremy.   You should’ve taken a picture before you took a nap.”

I then rushed to the computer and checked the time.  At this point, I was still panicking, my hands shaking and clutching the camera.  11:28 pm.  It took a few seconds for it to register in my head.  I then check the date.  Friday, December 18, 2009.  Instantly, I smiled.  “Yes!  I’m so lucky!  I can’t believe this!  I still have half an hour left of the day!”

You would think that I took a picture right there and then, but no.  I waited a while before I took one.

But wow, you should’ve seen me panicking in my room.


I often joke around with myself about the topic of what field I should pursue in college.  I want to major in chemical engineering, but I often find myself more interested in art.  In fact, I enjoyed drawing the labels on these folders much more than organizing the information that I need for each college. (Well, that’s probably understandable and expected.)

Anyway, I finally gave my counselor the requirements that need to be mailed to each college that I want to apply to.  It feels like a big load has been taken off my shoulders, but I still have the actual applications to complete.  Essays and such.

Still Behind Schedule

Posted in Belleville, Home, Out of Town, School, Summer Vacation with tags , , , , , , on September 7, 2009 by Jeremy


Well, here’s the cover for The Alchemist that I made on Photoshop a few days ago.  I was just able to print it out today because I needed to go to Staples for their printing.  I know that the color scheme is very similar to an actual cover of The Alchemist.  That’s because I thought it was a very good color to represent the desert, the setting for the majority of the events in the book.  This was my second time working with Photoshop independently.

Today was supposed to be summer work day, and it was.  I’m practically done with my AP Bio work.  Tomorrow, I just need to finish an essay and a PowerPoint presentation for AP Italian.   Both in one day.  One day before school starts.  I can do this. I promise I will not be sleeping well past midnight tomorrow.