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Brumal Frolicking

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I miss laughing with Tram and Michi about fabricated situations.  The Dao House is going down!  Do not go to that restaurant!  Here are the scores:

  • Food: B+ (The food was one of the few good parts of the experience.  We had a three-course meal that composed of beef stew, egg rolls, chicken, and potatoes.  Pretty good.)
  • Price: A+ (This is probably the best part because all the food was free.  However, the bold waitress dared to ask us for tip, to which I replied, “What’s 15% of free?”  Besides, the service was terrible, but we’ll get to that later.)
  • Atmosphere: F+ (We ate in the kitchen!  What kind of restaurant brings its customers to the kitchen to be fed?  There was no theme in the decoration.  There seemed to have been an attempt to portray a winter scenery outside, but the designer must have been confused for there were hints of spring in the overall picture.  There was also a random statue of Mary in the garden.  It was just not cohesive.)
  • Pest Control: C (A few feet away from our table was a bowl, filled with cat food.  To our horror, we encountered a few critters lounging around the kitchen, including a stray cat that loitered around the premises.  The only employee did not do anything to rid the restaurant of such creatures, which my colleague and I believe to be hazards to our health.  Let’s not forget the random arrival of the employee’s grandmother, who out of nowhere stole one of our egg rolls and fled.)
  • Facilities: C (Believing that the “Dao House” offered a homey experience, my colleague and I proceeded to the bedrooms of the edifice to seek some comfort.  To our shock and surprise, some of the available rooms were already occupied by a toddler and a baby!  My partner, who was in desperate need of a comfortable bed, schemed to snatch the baby in the room in which she wanted to sleep and dump it into a less cozy room.  However, due to our compassion and undying respect even for the lowliest establishments, we decided against this plan.  We went to the living room, where the employee tried to entertain us with some television, but as expected, it was not functioning.)
  • Service: F- (The waitress, aside from being the only employee in that establishment, hired and fired herself several times during our stay, leaving us to tend to ourselves for most of the meal.  She had the nerve to ask us whether the food was good enough to be served.  She made us retrieve our own napkins, drinks, and sauce.  In addition, she had the audacity to dine with us, saying that it was a “family” restaurant or something.)

After we finished role-playing, we successfully took a nap.  Later on, we went to the movies and watched “Shutter Island.”

I still can’t critique movies.


Winter Wonderland

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I hate to use that phrase, but it’s the only one I can use to describe Central Park after the snowstorm yesterday.  It truly looked fantastic, and I had so much energy with my camera, snapping picture after picture.

It might then be hard to believe that I was pretty much cranky the entire day.  First of all, because of the snow, classes were canceled once again, so my parents decided to take me and my sisters to New York to tend to some passport business.  It was a regular work day for them, so we had to wake up early.  That made cranky Jeremy #1.

Cranky Jeremy #2:  We had to take photographs for the passport, but there were so many requirements for how we looked in the pictures, such as no bangs and ears must be visible.  I was planning on getting a haircut later, but since I was already there, I had to crudely use some gel to get my hair out of my face.  That was annoying because I looked terrible.

Cranky Jeremy #3 came when we actually went to the Philippine Consulate to renew our passports.  Although the waiting time wasn’t that long, I still got cranky just because I felt like I was on a roll.

Afterwards, I convinced my sisters to walk about twenty streets to Central Park, which they both agreed to.

There were more versions of cranky Jeremy afterwards, but there’s no point in describing them all.   But I know that cranky Jeremy left for a while when he was in Central Park.  OK, no more third person.

Then, after spilling gravy all over the table for lunch, my mom accompanied me and my sisters to Chinatown, where I got my haircut and where we just roamed around for a while.

Pretty good day, overall.

First Snowman Ever

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Winter unleashes its fury with a snowstorm!  Or blizzard.  I don’t really know, but either way, the whole state pretty much anticipated it, prompting my school district to decide to close the schools yesterday.

Joe and Sarah invited me to go out and go sledding, but my mom didn’t want to let me out, saying something about electric cables might snap and kill me.  I guess her idea wasn’t completely unfounded, considering how windy it looked from the inside, but when I brought up that notion to my friends, they laughed and said, “This isn’t bad at all!”

But thankfully, my friends were so intent on getting me out of the house that they walked several blocks just to pick me up.  Of course, my parents couldn’t say no afterwards.  So, we trekked back to Joe and Sarah’s neighborhood (they’re neighbors), where the huge hill was.

Sledding was a fail.  I don’t think today’s snow was meant for sledding.  After several tries, I sort of just quit and proceeded to build a snowman.

I’m pretty sure this is the first snowman I ever made.  All the other times I tried, I failed.

Snow Fail

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I had to leave school early to tend to some business that only I know about!

Then I came back to tend to some scholastic business that only I know about!

Then I shoveled snow.

“That Wasn’t a Blizzard!”

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I don’t know exactly what it should be called; all I know is that it snowed a lot.

I felt bad that I didn’t get to help out my dad shovel in the morning.  I must’ve woken up late, and I had to go to church by myself.  (My family went to an anticipated mass last night.) In order to rid myself of the guilt, I helped the woman next door with her task.

Jeremy Sent Out Lapras!

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Second snowy day/night of the year.  Classified as a blizzard!  Awesome, right?

Went Christmas shopping for Secret Santa.  It sucks that I don’t have money for anyone else.  I feel really bad.


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An unwanted flash

First snowfall of the season

This haiku is bad

“If peas are exposed to warmer temperature, then cellular respiration will be more efficient and will produce more carbon dioxide.”