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Bitter Work

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This week, we have two talent shows back-to-back—one on Thursday, one on Friday.  The first one is actually a competition between each class, each one having three acts.   The second one is just a show.

Today’s the dress rehearsal for the first show, aptly called “Battle of the Classes.”  Of course, I had to work for Stage Tech.  It’s definitely becoming bitter work.

Lame, Shame, Fame

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Indeed, it would have been nice if I had gotten a picture that doesn’t resemble that of this past Thursday, but what could I do?  Fame dominated my day.  With two shows, one at 1:00 pm and one at 7:oo pm, and people from Stage Tech required to be there about two hours before they begin, there was no time for anything else.

This concludes the high school theater career for the seniors in the musical.  It was emotional for some.  It kinda sucks that I wasn’t able to partake in the experience as a senior, opting to stay behind-the-scenes this year, but what’s done is done.

I heard mixed responses about the show.  Some revered it; some chose to rename the musical, Shame or Lame. Of course, everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion, but I just didn’t appreciate the degree that some people denigrated it.  One can express his or her disapproval politely, but some just outwardly bashed it, using a tone that sounded so disgusted that one would think they were talking about some massacre.  “It was terrible!”

My face is terrible.

Ah, that doesn’t work.

Quiero Brillar

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I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but I quit the musical a couple of months ago even after all that fuss I made in a few posts back in November or December.  I was aware of the demanding schedule of the play, and I decided not to dive into that exhausting life. Instead, I offered my assistance with the Stage Technology!  It wasn’t as demanding of my time as the musical itself, but like I mentioned before, there has been some Stage Tech vs. Tennis conflicts.

Anyway, tonight was the opening night of our musical, Fame, and I watched it from afar, in this small elevated room in the back of the auditorium, where all the equipments are.  I was in charge of the lights for the show, which was what I wanted to do for the longest time.  </nerd>

As much as I miss singing and, to a certain extent, acting, I don’t regret stepping off the stage into the background.  It’s not like I would have gotten recognitions and accolades for my performance.  Being in ensemble for three years kind of put me down.   During curtain call, I was usually near the end, fighting with other students with small characters for a spot as near to the leads as possible, dreaming that one day I would be in the middle among them.

Alas, that was not going to happen this year.

It’s the Mic or the Ball

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Another gloomy day.  No tennis practice today, allowing me to focus on Stage Tech, which has a crucial role in this year’s musical.  Although I don’t have the problem of Tennis vs. Spring Musical this year, I am troubled by the Tennis vs. Stage Tech battle.  It just so happens that the most important parts of both activities occur around the same time.

Anyway, today, I was able to catch up with some of my Stage Tech duties.  I’ve been missing a few rehearsals due to the beginning of tennis, so I needed to catch up with what’s been going on.  Several weeks ago, I was always present in Stage Tech meetings, trying to help out with organization and stuff like that.  Very slow.  Now that it’s hectic and full of jobs and tasks, I’m MIA. It’s difficult.

In tennis, we have matches to decide who’s going to be in Varsity. I’ve been screwing up with that too, just like with many things in my life right now.

I’m not choosing one over the other.  I’ll just have to use a Time-Turner or something.

Holi Cow, She’s Crazy

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Pooja Patel.  Her full name screams Indian.  She shares the quirks of her culture, which my friends and I found amusing, to say the least.  She’s full of surprises, from her unexpected behavior to her random trips to India.

So, imagine my surprise when I see her going up the stairs to the Stage Tech room with her hands, wet with blue paint.  I started scurrying away, towards the ladder, as she and her best friend Stephanie smeared paint all over Joe’s face.  I was high up in the ladder when they finished attacking Joe.

“We’re going to get you next, Jeremy,” Pooja said, going back down the stairs to retrieve more paint.

“Come on, Jeremy.  Stop being so boring,” Joe said.  He would.

So I came down the ladder and prepared myself for the mess, not because Joe said so.  Just because, despite my attempted escape, I really wanted to get in on the mess.

When Pooja returned with some paint, all hell broke lose.  They were putting paint on their hands, trying to get each other’s faces, necks, ears, and hair.  Yes, hair.  I think I had the most paint out of all of us, just because I didn’t have many opportunities to get some paint on my hands and wipe their faces.  That’s because throughout this colorful war, I had to do my job in Stage Tech.

So, what was going on this whole time?  Why the heck were Pooja’s hands practically drenched in paint, only to smear it on our faces?  It’s Holi, a festival mostly associated with Indians that’s celebrated around this time of the year.  I really don’t know much about it, except for what I’ve seen on TV of the actual celebration in India, in which people would splash colored powder onto other people, coating them with different colors.  In fact, Holi is also known as the “Festival of Colors.”  Although we didn’t use powder, I had fun with the paint.

I’m really glad that Pooja shared this neat tradition with me.  Maybe I should start sharing some Filipino traditions.

Murder Fling

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Enjoyed Michael’s company today.

Went to school at 7 pm to attend to some Stage Technology business.  It’s our A/V club, except you don’t see us pushing a cart with a huge TV in the hallway.  OK, maybe sometimes.

I R Hungry

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Pretty hectic day.  There was a Stage Tech meeting today.  Some had to help out the managers of the school’s musical in sorting out leftover props from previous years.  Others went with our adviser and helped him organize this little office where we have the equipment for the shows in the auditorium.

After a while, people started leaving, and I was the only dork left with the adviser and a couple of other adults who were trying to help us out with using the equipment properly.  Yep.  Until 7:00 pm, I was in school.  I didn’t mind that much though because I was learning from the people who were helping us out.  Except I was hungry the entire time.


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I’ve been waiting all September to type “090909.”

Second day of school.  Still not bad.  Still liking it.

Clubs are already starting.  Today, there was a meeting for Stage Tech, the people who take care of the lights, sounds, and all that tech stuff for school events.  There was also a meeting yesterday that I missed.  I tried looking for it, but I couldn’t find it, even after asking a few people who were in it.  Figuring it was canceled, I left.

Last night, I saw pictures on Facebook from the club meeting, and I was like:


Then, I discovered that the election for officers was held at the meeting, so I was like:


Devastated that I missed a chance to get elected, I kept reading the conversation people were having under the picture.  I discovered that I was elected president, despite my absence, so I was like:


And then:


And then:


Hey, I’ve been in that club for a while, and I’ve done a lot of things, so I deserve that, even if I were absent.  I was so shocked that I was elected that I got so hyper.  “People care about me!”

Anyway, today, on the second meeting of the Stage Tech, we had to rearrange the closet with all the equipment and take inventory of what we have. It was some pretty hard work because we had to carry heavy speakers in to and out of the closet, and we had to measure long wires and cables, among other things.  In the end, I’m glad that I got the position; I like the responsibility.

Other than that, 090909 wasn’t anything special