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…and then I realized I still don’t care as much as I used to about school.

You’re really something, kiddo.

S-A-T! Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Nov 6


I initially wanted to conduct the experiment for a project for Sociology, but my partner sort of backed out today, so I went to Plan B—study for the SATs.

It wasn’t some extensive study session.  It just consisted of last minute brush-ups, especially with the critical reading sections.  We discovered that the study guide that I’ve been using by the Princeton Review presented critical reading questions that were much more difficult than those of the CollegeBoard study guide.  I’ve been subjecting myself to much torture with my study guide!

So, when I tried out the questions from the CollegeBoard book that my friends had, it was a boost of confidence.  Still, we didn’t know how the real SATs would really be.  But I’m fine with the confidence boost.

This is perhaps going to be the last day I study for the SATs.  Ever.  (For the Reasoning Test at least)

Laziness at Its Finest

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It was a beautiful day.  The winds may have been a little crazy, but the day was still beautiful.

I almost felt bad for opting to stay inside to study for my SATs on Saturday, but a friend, who initially told me to go home and focus on studying, came over and distracted me.  After he left, I fell asleep.  Well, it was more like, I went to sleep, thinking “I’ll wake up in an hour, and then I’ll really study.”

I did end up studying, but as the wasted hours pass by, I am getting closer and closer to beating myself up for being so irresponsible.

Sacrifice for the Future

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Wake early.  Eat cereal.  Eat yogurt.  Start making video.  Edit video.  Keep making video.  Eat rice.  Keep making video.  Get distracted.  Close video.  Study.  Study.  Get distracted.  Study.  Study.

SAT Subject Tests next Saturday.  I’d rather sacrifice a Saturday than to sacrifice next Friday.  (*whispers* It’s a half day.)

Twelve Seconds Too Early

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Time for some quick poetry to break the monotony of these narrative posts!

Oh, sweater of white fabric
Your cloth against my skin
While you hung in my dark closet
‘Twas almost quite a sin

Your existence marks just one thing
And that’s the winter season
You comfort people in the cold
You’re here for that one reason

But like I said before this post
You make me smile like heck
I place your hood above my head
As you cover my neck

I was going to initially take a picture of me miserably studying using the camera’s timer, but in this picture, I forgot to set it.

Clandestine Fail

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My friend Tram and I decided to meet up today to get started on some summer assignments for school.  Not too many people knew about it, until another friend walked in on us having snacks.  He was going to hang out with my sister and a few others.  It might not sound like it, but it was funny.

The laptop served two purposes today.  We used it to take notes on one of the books we had to read, Economics Explained.  That took an hour.  Then, we used it to access the Internet.  That took about…three hours.

There’s my mattress now!  After my bed collapsed yesterday, I’ve been sleeping on the floor.

Chicken, Rice, and Lentils

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…and then we realized we don’t care as much as we used to about school.

Yet we were there, studying. Thanks for the dinner.