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Decline to Mediocrity

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I remember when talent shows in the high school would draw in hundreds of people to the point that it would be hard to find a seat where you could enjoy the show.  This was three years ago, when I was a freshman.  When there was an awesome performance, I’d be pretty irked because everyone would be standing up, trying to get a better view of the act, thereby giving the people behind him or her a hard time.  It was a wave of frustration.  But when you did catch a glimpse of the performances, you’d be awestruck.

Now, the auditorium is only about a quarter full, which is proportional to the quality of the acts.  I mean, one can argue that the audience doesn’t really know what kind of acts they’ll see, so it’s not like anyone can prove that the higher the quality of the acts, the more people will come.

Anyway, my point is that the acts this year are pretty dull, not to mention bad.  Some might have just wanted five minutes of fame, not that being seen by twenty people would gain them acclaim.

However, there was one act that I truly enjoyed.  Now you’re going to have to believe me when I say I’m totally unbiased with this opinion, but my sister’s performance with her dance crew was good.  I don’t know.  Something about it made me smile.


Or it can just be an older person mentality sort of thing.  I was a naive freshman, and maybe I was easy to please.  Now that I’ve seen more kinds of talents ranging from terrible to epic, I’m more critical.

So yea, where’s all the talent in our school?  Are we really just talentless?

It Can Only Take You So Far

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Either you got it, or you don’t.

Out of Whim

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JYP Entertainment (엔터테인먼트) decided to hold auditions in New York City today to watch hundreds of aspiring teens fight for a chance to become a star.   This talent agency is the home of Korean artists such as the Wonder Girls, 2PM, and 2AM.  In order to wow the judges, people have to demonstrate their talent through their skills in singing, dancing, acting, or modeling.

OK, enough about that.  My friend told me about the auditions a few weeks ago, and I didn’t really think I would go.  It wasn’t until this last week that I thought to myself, “Why not?  It would be a fun experience.”  Because I felt so laidback about it, I didn’t even prepare a song to sing.  Becoming a finalist wasn’t really a goal in my head.  Truly, I was just there to see what all the hoopla was about, since I’ve heard quite a few people in my school talk about it.

Finding the place wasn’t too difficult.  We immediately recognized the place by the long line of Asians that trailed in front of the door.  (No racist!  99% of the people in line was literally Asian!)  My sisters, my friends, and I registered, and I was #632.  The ones who were standing next to the door, waiting to enter, were in the mid-500s, so we were still a long way off.

All this time waiting, I definitely wasn’t nervous.  My biggest concern was that I still didn’t have a song yet.

Long story short, I ended up singing “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift because my sister thought I should.  I…sucked…so…much.  Unfortunately, right before I came up to sing, the nervousness kicked in, and I completely choked.  I started in the wrong key, and I forgot the lyrics.   Everything just fell apart. The judge was kind; he made only a small gesture when he wanted the person to pretty much stop wasting his time.  No rude scoffs or remarks.

I was a little bummed afterwards, but I just kept reminding myself, “It was all for fun, remember?”  I just laughed it off, even though I wished everything turned out perfectly.

Too Much?

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Nov 10


Talent Show on Friday.  Not only am I trying to help out with the techie stuff needed for the show, I’m also hosting.  And I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to say.

Good luck to me.