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Rough Beginning

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My friends Tram and Kristine invited me today to go to Boston for the weekend.  Kristine was to drive all the way from Jersey and we would get there in a few hours.  I agreed to come, excited by the prospect of being in another state for the beginning of spring break.

Through a series of unfortunate events, I ended up ruining the entire trip for all of us.  It was a battle between me and my parents.  I lost.

And there’s my new car, taken from my room, in which I stayed all night, doing my homework, angry.

The New York City Massacre

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I wasn’t too excited when Tram first invited me to the annual pillow fight in New York City.  I’ve known about the event before, but something about it just wasn’t making me jump out of my seat.

Still, I thought, “Why be a party pooper?  It’s a new experience.  Go for it!”

So, after serving Saturday detention in school this morning, I got prepared to commute to New York with a few friends via train.  I had a pillow in one hand and a backpack on my back.

It was really hot when the fight started.  Everyone was literally right next to each other, with a pillow in each one’s hand.  They were all pushing and shoving, trying to smack the next person with his or her pillow.  I felt a little lost at first, letting the wave of people carry me wherever, trying to hang on to my friends.

Out of nowhere, I see a bunch of stuff scattered on the floor.  It took me a second to realize that my backpack burst open and all the stuff on the ground were mine.  I quickly scrambled to pick them all up with the help of some people around.  Sarah then came up to me and asked if her SLR camera, which she asked me to hold back at the train station, was still in my bag.  I dug my hand into my backpack and discovered that it wasn’t.  Panicking, we searched the area for her camera to no avail.  We exited the crowd, and Sarah, devastated, left the pillow fight to notify the police.  I stood at the edge, confused, sweating, feeling sorry for what happened since I was the one holding her camera.

I didn’t want to be there anymore.  It didn’t feel fun after all.  But then, I realized that it’s really up to me whether this becomes a waste of time.  That is, if I stand brooding outside the crowd, then I definitely wouldn’t have fun.  So, trying to fight the negative thoughts, I charged into the crowd and attempted to smack people with my pillow.  Still it wasn’t fulfilling.

When I found Tram and Val later, Sarah called and told me her mom told her to go home.  We met up to say goodbye, all of us feeling sorry for what happened.

Tram, excited and energetic, pulled me back into the crowds.  Once I allowed myself to get absorbed into the enthusiastic and aggressive atmosphere, I started to have some fun.  Tram’s energy was so infectious that I couldn’t help feeling the same way.  For a long while, Tram and I were picking out random targets and ganged up on them.  One time, Tram coaxed a bunch of people to gang up on me.

Later on, we met up with Kelly, Narmin, her boyfriend, and two other friends.  By this time, the number of people at the fight was dwindling, yet Tram was still ready to tackle more people.  After a while, we decided to make our way to Brooklyn where we visited a thrift shop, met up with Bryan, and ate dinner.

It was a really long day.

Madame Gertrude

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Three cat-lovers in an animal shelter in a room full of cats.  It was a pleasant way to spend our early afternoon.

Brumal Frolicking

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I miss laughing with Tram and Michi about fabricated situations.  The Dao House is going down!  Do not go to that restaurant!  Here are the scores:

  • Food: B+ (The food was one of the few good parts of the experience.  We had a three-course meal that composed of beef stew, egg rolls, chicken, and potatoes.  Pretty good.)
  • Price: A+ (This is probably the best part because all the food was free.  However, the bold waitress dared to ask us for tip, to which I replied, “What’s 15% of free?”  Besides, the service was terrible, but we’ll get to that later.)
  • Atmosphere: F+ (We ate in the kitchen!  What kind of restaurant brings its customers to the kitchen to be fed?  There was no theme in the decoration.  There seemed to have been an attempt to portray a winter scenery outside, but the designer must have been confused for there were hints of spring in the overall picture.  There was also a random statue of Mary in the garden.  It was just not cohesive.)
  • Pest Control: C (A few feet away from our table was a bowl, filled with cat food.  To our horror, we encountered a few critters lounging around the kitchen, including a stray cat that loitered around the premises.  The only employee did not do anything to rid the restaurant of such creatures, which my colleague and I believe to be hazards to our health.  Let’s not forget the random arrival of the employee’s grandmother, who out of nowhere stole one of our egg rolls and fled.)
  • Facilities: C (Believing that the “Dao House” offered a homey experience, my colleague and I proceeded to the bedrooms of the edifice to seek some comfort.  To our shock and surprise, some of the available rooms were already occupied by a toddler and a baby!  My partner, who was in desperate need of a comfortable bed, schemed to snatch the baby in the room in which she wanted to sleep and dump it into a less cozy room.  However, due to our compassion and undying respect even for the lowliest establishments, we decided against this plan.  We went to the living room, where the employee tried to entertain us with some television, but as expected, it was not functioning.)
  • Service: F- (The waitress, aside from being the only employee in that establishment, hired and fired herself several times during our stay, leaving us to tend to ourselves for most of the meal.  She had the nerve to ask us whether the food was good enough to be served.  She made us retrieve our own napkins, drinks, and sauce.  In addition, she had the audacity to dine with us, saying that it was a “family” restaurant or something.)

After we finished role-playing, we successfully took a nap.  Later on, we went to the movies and watched “Shutter Island.”

I still can’t critique movies.

A “Good Surprise”

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Whatever you think, this is the last thing I want you to do to me.

Recommended Reading?

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It’s Tram’s birthday today, but the celebration should be next week.

Meanwhile, I’m adding another book to my short reading queue.  Maybe reading with a friend can serve as motivation.

All Things Considered

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It’s heartwarming to see rocky friendships strengthened once again.  Just a dash of honesty and a nice talking session.

You’ll Get There*

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Started volunteering again.  Now with some friends.

*Hopefully, I will.

Sunburnt Skin from Hurricane Harbor

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Ah, I was glad that I was able to go to Hurricane Harbor.  I remember last year when I refused to go to a trip to Six Flags with my friends and missed a day of fun.  I was glad this time that I accepted the offer.  This realization came as I walked around the park, “swam” around the pools, and went on slides with some of my friends, frying under the sun, who favored to target the idiots who forgot to put any sunblock on, namely us.  Except Tram.  She was smart enough to put some on before leaving and selfish enough to not bring it.  It’s all right, Tram.  Your ear problem is revenge enough.

OK, I’m kidding.  Hope it gets better!

My favorite part was definitely the times we spent on the Lazy River.  I was pretty sure that that’s its official name, but it doesn’t matter, since Lazy River perfectly summarizes the time we spent in it.  Lawrence even managed to sleep on a floating circular tube thing while on the river.  (What are those called?)

The drive home was very quiet, due to the fact that most of us were sleeping.  Including the driver.  In fact, I’m a ghost right now.  The seven of us died while driving home last night.  If you don’t send this to ten of your friends, one of us will visit you tonight and slash your pillow.  Send this to your friends now.

OK, I’m kidding, but you don’t need me to know that.  Our driver was not asleep.  He switched with another driver before dozing off, and we all reached home perfectly safe.

And don’t worry, Michael.  I have pictures of you sleeping too, but I’m so nice that I decided not to post them up.

Had a S”pig”tacular Day!

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What I thought to be a simple trip to New York to get a haircut turned to be more eventful.

My recent trips to New York had been focused on downtown Manhattan, mostly Chinatown.  This trip with my friend Tram was no different, except it didn’t take up the entire day. I got a haircut in the morning, and Tram and I proceeded to eat lunch at a place called Teariffic.  Very cheap.

We left at noon and went to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, apparently hipster central.  I really wasn’t familiar to the world of hipsters, and whenever I heard the word, it sounded derogatory, like wangster or something.  Our main purpose for going to Brooklyn was to visit a few thrift stores.  The place at which the picture was taken was called the Buffalo Exchange.  It mostly had old furniture and other secondhand trinkets, but the store amazed me more than the clothing thrift stores.  I really liked the atmosphere of it.

We walked around some more around Brooklyn, which is such a contrast to Manhattan.  When we got out of the subway the first time, I was surprised by how calm it was.  I expected some degree of bustling, but the sidewalks were practically empty.  Well, at least, that part of Brooklyn was quiet. I don’t know about the other parts.  That was the first time I stepped foot on the place.

Then, we returned to Chinatown, where we got some dinner.  We shared a Vietnamese sandwich and a black sesame ice cream.

Then, on the way home, I was falling asleep in the train.  Apparently, I was swaying back and forth, and the woman to my right might have been irritated when I bumped to her a second time.  She said, “Stop!” in a really exasperated voice.  I was a little embarrassed.

In addition to Teariffic, Tram and I had a few more shares of puns, including “Tee Party,” which we found on a poster on a train.  It was talking about shirts.  The big one of the day was “spigtacular,” which I thought of when we were thinking of a message to write with a plastic toy pig with chocolate inside.  We wanted to leave the pig somewhere in Brooklyn, and we decided to leave the message, “Have a sPIGtacular day!”  We were honestly hoping that it would brighten up someone’s day.

More pictures here.