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Caught in the Act

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Now we have evidence of why these environmentalists are called tree-huggers.

‘Twas a marvelous spring day, the latter half of which I spent inside studying for the AP Bio exam.


The Trees Aren’t Going to Grow

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Spent the day at Joe’s house.

It’s difficult when you want to help someone, but you just don’t know what to do. It’s also difficult when he or she insists that no help is needed.

In other news, several trees were cut down from this one street near my house.  Now, it’s so bright when I walk there.  No more shade.

It’s Been a While

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(My birthday’s on the 22nd, but for some reason, I’ve written on some forms that my birthday is the 12th.  Go figure.  Anyway.)

Cue in mediocre rendition of the chorus of “Empire State of Mind”:

“New York!  *mumble mumble*  The lights will inspire you!”

Aissa, a friend who’s always busy, told us a couple of weeks ago that she would be free today to do whatever.  Of course, for the one time we hang out with someone we don’t normally see, we would have to do something pretty significant to make it worthwhile.  So Aissa took the reins and planned a trip to New York with some friends.

So six of us went today.  Chinatown was one of the stops, as usual.  My friends are more knowledgeable about the place than I am, so we were going from store to store browsing and eating.  I got my haircut too.

Then, we went uptown to Times Square.  (By subway then by foot)  There were like hundreds of people dressed up as Santa Clauses, walking around and spreading some holiday cheer.  It was pretty strange, but in the end, we just went along with it.

Afterwards, we walked to Rockefeller Center for the tree.  As expected, it was crowded, but the tree was nice.  Honestly, though, it was kind of underwhelming.  I guess I pictured a skyscraper-sized Christmas tree in my head, but that’s impossible, of course.  At least, now I can say that I’ve seen the tree.  (Yes, it was my first time.)

Then, home to Jersey, where we hung out at Newport for a short while.

Now about the picture.  These two girls were funny.  They don’t really see each other in school often.  Not much contact between them because they don’t really have any classes in common.  Then, all of a sudden, they were best friends during the trip.  They were walking together, buying stuff together, and eating together.  I don’t know.  I just found it hilarious.

Dumbest Idea Ever

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Oh snap!

If you can still remember from my post back in the first week of school, I have a law class.  My teacher organizes mock trials throughout the year.  At first, I was pretty nervous about it.  I remember watching a mock trial once two years ago in school, and I thought to myself, “Yea, there’s no way I can act like an attorney like that guy.”

Who knew that I’d find myself in this class?  Who knew that I’d be participating in a huge mock trial, acting as the lead attorney?  I didn’t, but mock trial was the highlight of my day.  My law teacher and a U.S. History teacher worked together to organize a trial that involved the soldiers who were in the Boston Massacre.  After several weeks since the announcement of the project, we finally had the trial today.

Long story short, I really had a great time, except in the beginning.  Since I was in the defense team, the first time I had to get up was to cross-examine one of the witnesses.  (It’s all right if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Just take my word for it.)  I didn’t prepare questions for this one witness, so I went up there nervous as ever.  I fumbled and paused for a long time.  It was pretty embarrassing.

Anyway, long story short (for real now), it was an amazing experience.  After that one mistake, I was barely nervous for the subsequent examinations.  I guess people do change, huh?

The Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center in New York was also scheduled for today.  My friends and I really wanted to see it, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, we had to cancel the plan.  Sigh.  It definitely would have been nice, but right after school, I had a doctor’s appointment for which I had to wait about two hours, just to get results from some tests last week.  It was also going to rain in New York City, and we had some intense homework that night.  So, after some deliberation, I decided, “This is a bad idea.”

So, I present to you our modest Christmas tree at home.

Picnic = A Lot of Food

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Last minute picnic!  School starts this coming Tuesday, so many of my friends wanted to gather and have this final picnic before summer vacation ends.  As if we had so many picnics.

There were many more people who attended, but at this point in the picture, only a few came up with me to a huge tree, which we always fancy climbing.  I dare you all to create a story about what’s going on in this picture.

And, yep.  Picnics have a lot of food.  After I told myself that I wasn’t going to eat a lot, I ended up eating a lot.   Maybe people generally can’t avoid eating food when attending picnics.  It didn’t get better when I went home.  I proceeded to the consumption of rice and ice cream.  Not good.  Not only did I feel bloated, I felt dizzy and about to puke.

So what happened at the picnic?  Eating. Drinking. Sitting. Talking. “Should I do Biology homework?” contemplating. Swinging. Fail lava tagging. Running. Volleyballing. Driving. Pool playing. Piano listening. Future reading. Tree climbing.

And, unlike many of our other picnics, there was no hill rolling.