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Tihs Ttlie Ndees to Be Cenaeld

Posted in Belleville, Family, Home, Out of Town with tags , , , on September 12, 2009 by Jeremy


Today was pretty hectic.  I was planning on cleaning my room early today, but I felt lazy because of the gloomy weather.  I usually like to clean my room when the sunlight is pouring in through the windows.  So I just played The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass that my friend lent me.  I finally finished.

I could’ve started to clean afterwards, but my family wanted to go job hunting for me, which ultimately became a fail.  We then went to Newark just for the heck of it.  Little did I know that my mom and my sister had some secret motives for going there.  My sister wanted to get some khaki pants, and my mom wanted to buy fish from this market.

Now I expected Newark to look and feel dangerous, but the part of Newark we went to was pretty awesome.  It looked like New York, and I wouldn’t have minded walking around there for half an hour.  That was my first time going there, and I felt so dumb for deciding not to bring my camera.  (My parents initially told me that we were only going job hunting.  I didn’t think I would need the camera for that.)

After we ate lunch, we went back to our area and proceeded to complete a long list of errands.  We were getting off and getting back in the car so many times that I got so irritated by the end of it.

When we got home, I finally began cleaning my room.  I finished, and it felt nice to have a clean room again after a couple of months.

And yes, that is me in my uniform.  I just decided to wear it.

P.S.  Take note of how clean my desk is, and please ignore the spots on the ceiling.

Also, just to update you guys from yesterday, my sister has been complaining about her shoulders today.  It’s been bothering her, so we’re just waiting to bring her to a doctor soon.