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Water balloons!  After scurrying with arrangements for this water balloon fight scheduled today, we were able to finally have a decent one.  We bought about 250 water balloons and had time to fill up only about 75.  Boy were those balloons almost indestructible.  We would fling them at each other only to find out that they bounced off our bodies.  We would have to throw them very hard for them to burst, causing a degree of pain followed by wetness.

Yes, we had our balloon fight at night.

And now, I have at home about 200 more empty water balloons.  Tram is thinking of putting some food coloring in the balloons for next time.  Or M&M’s.


Crazy Awesome! (and Wet)

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At a birthday party today, I was reintroduced to the fun water balloons can bring.  I can’t believe I forgot to put “Water Balloon Fight” in my summer plans.

Hanging out with the ’09 graduates is really enjoyable.  Just because they’re in college now, it doesn’t mean they’re much different.  They’re really funny, especially during “Scattergories.”