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The Jersey Shore

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Last day with Orion and Lawrence (and John).  Spent a long time at the beach, wading in the cold water and hanging out at this “dock.”

It was a serene end to the weekend.

Off the shore, however, it was quite obscene.  All day, all of us were stuffing our faces.  We had access to an all-you-can-eat buffet for the entire day, and we were there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Needless to say, our stomachs were bursting.

We went home around 9:00 pm, tired, full, and actually yearning to be home.

Sunburnt Skin from Hurricane Harbor

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Ah, I was glad that I was able to go to Hurricane Harbor.  I remember last year when I refused to go to a trip to Six Flags with my friends and missed a day of fun.  I was glad this time that I accepted the offer.  This realization came as I walked around the park, “swam” around the pools, and went on slides with some of my friends, frying under the sun, who favored to target the idiots who forgot to put any sunblock on, namely us.  Except Tram.  She was smart enough to put some on before leaving and selfish enough to not bring it.  It’s all right, Tram.  Your ear problem is revenge enough.

OK, I’m kidding.  Hope it gets better!

My favorite part was definitely the times we spent on the Lazy River.  I was pretty sure that that’s its official name, but it doesn’t matter, since Lazy River perfectly summarizes the time we spent in it.  Lawrence even managed to sleep on a floating circular tube thing while on the river.  (What are those called?)

The drive home was very quiet, due to the fact that most of us were sleeping.  Including the driver.  In fact, I’m a ghost right now.  The seven of us died while driving home last night.  If you don’t send this to ten of your friends, one of us will visit you tonight and slash your pillow.  Send this to your friends now.

OK, I’m kidding, but you don’t need me to know that.  Our driver was not asleep.  He switched with another driver before dozing off, and we all reached home perfectly safe.

And don’t worry, Michael.  I have pictures of you sleeping too, but I’m so nice that I decided not to post them up.

Crazy Awesome! (and Wet)

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At a birthday party today, I was reintroduced to the fun water balloons can bring.  I can’t believe I forgot to put “Water Balloon Fight” in my summer plans.

Hanging out with the ’09 graduates is really enjoyable.  Just because they’re in college now, it doesn’t mean they’re much different.  They’re really funny, especially during “Scattergories.”

“I Didn’t See the Flash”

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Who needs flash when you can get a picture like this?  Dark, nearly indistinguishable.

My arms were still aching from Wednesday, and I was hoping to just stay home and rest, when I was practically forced out of the house by Bryan.  We went to Jersey City for bubble tea and a nice walk next to the water.  Going home wasn’t so pleasant because we missed this sort of exit towards our hometown because of my poor memory.  I felt so bad because we had to take a much longer way home.  Bah, I’m going to make sure the route home is embedded on my mind now.

Faulty Equation

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[See previous post.]


<!––I’m warning you right now.  The loser tag does not lie.––>

Today was a beautiful day.  Perhaps my method of depicting that is a little unusual, but here’s the story to it.

Now, if you haven’t figured it out yet, the walls of our bathroom are painted yellow, so it can become incredibly bright in there.  If you also haven’t figured it out yet, we also have a skylight.

beautiful sunny day + yellow walls + skylight = a refreshing shower

Yep.  Imagine you’re taking a shower in this bathroom.  You are currently rinsing yourself with water, which is hit by the light that is coming from the skylight.  Now, the water is sparkling.  In addition, wherever you look, there’s yellow.  Such a shower tells you, “You’re going to have a nice day.”


a refreshing shower + yellow walls + skylight = nice day


yellow walls + skylight = nice day – a refreshing shower

From the first equation, let’s substitute:

beautiful sunny day + nice day – a refreshing shower = a refreshing shower

beautiful sunny day + nice day = 2 refreshing showers

Um.  Therefore, if you have two refreshing showers, not only will it be a beautiful sunny day, you will also have a nice day.


Well, did I have a nice day?  I played tennis and got frustrated by my total lack of skill.  Probably because I only took one shower.

I think I took only one shower.

Rise From the Murkiness

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I initially chose this photograph because I thought it was pretty.  Then, I realized that it probably does not have anything to do with my day, which prompted me to create a connection:

The bright green colors of the leaves contrast with the murkiness of the water in the background, giving the impression of clarity rising up from the confusion and…

Um, yea.  Montclair is amazing.